Where there’s a Witch there’s a Way

You know she means business when Melbourne Celebrity Psychic and Exorcist, Lizzy Rose clashes on Channel 9’s The Today Show with Karl Stefanovic, who completely disregarded her medical exemption from wearing a mask, antagonistically asked her if she had a medical degree, despite that being irrelevant respecting his guest’s view on mandatory mask wearing. Instead he was scornful. Without even listening respectfully to his invited guest, he rudely dismissed her, cutting the interview short when it didn’t go his way, causing a huge divided mixed response from the community, clearly revealing that the mainstream media stoops to any lengths to discredit and dismiss truth speakers and social media critics. A psyop for the polarisation of the socially engineered mind control program that encroaches further eroding away our freedoms.
Lizzy has copped her fair share of critics, gang stalkers and trolls over the years, which she has handled bravely, she’s been accused of being publicity-hungry rather than being the one who has been contacted by the media when her unmasked in Bunnings live Facebook post got traction; and finally, when it looked like the media really had made fools of themselves while trying to discredit Lizzy with their social conditioning tactical scorn of alternative educated views, clearly demonstrated by dismissive Karl’s behaviour, only revealed the ugly side of the agenda further. They can’t do anything right, the further they take away our freedoms the more the masses will awaken, I can feel it in the ground, or was that another Dumb exploding?


While there’s millions out there living in fear of the huge fines imposed on citizens, Lizzy is the one going out on cold dark Melbourne winter’s nights helping out the most vulnerable in our community both with her compassionate suicide prevention work and her venturing into Melbourne’s extensive underground network. I don’t think the mainstream media  knows what to do with her. I personally think she’s a Genius, a Badass Mamma, who else in the Pagan community has managed to get a spell incantation printed in mainstream media, in the form of Ceremonial Magickal activism. Brilliant. Every reader, whether sympathetic supporters or the peanut gallery of critics, curious observers, everyone reading or viewing her spell work just added to her magick. I know, Genius right? Gotchya. Lizzy 1 vs Scamdemic 0



Then there were a few respectful mainstream reporters who spent quite a few hours with her getting exclusives who suddenly had their shows pulled or not aired. Someone from further up the food chain told them to can the story, silence her, don’t give her anymore airtime.


So why is the mainstream media so afraid of Lizzy Rose and the rising tide of anti maskers, live vloggers, who refuse to be muzzled? Why is a medical exemption certificate now feeling like a license to the few who are allowed to breath unfiltered fresh air? That’s if we don’t get accosted by shopkeepers or security staff, paranoid citizens or brutal police.


In this exclusive interview with CCN broadcaster Eilish De Avalon, Lizzy candidly reveals her experiences of the past crazy few weeks, that saw numerous articles about her putting spells on Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, her run in with certain members of the media and just what Lizzy is doing going out past 8 pm curfew to do daring dashes into the underground tunnels bringing back eyewitness accounts of the horrors she’s seen down there.


Don’t miss this exclusive interview, where she goes into detail about what the mainstream media wouldn’t allow on air. And what was the horror she found? You’ll have to watch the show. What she reveals is an Exclusive to CCN, you’ll hear it here first.


One thing I know as a personal long term friend of Lizzy’s of 20 plus years, she’s bold, she’s daring, she’s fearless, she kicks demon butt in exorcisms, and she can see right through people and the propaganda of the current scamdemic.


She talks about the tunnels and strange explosions, the many planes she sees coming in from China bringing in so much cargo in crates living in the flight path, the hypocrisy of curfew unless you’re an addict going in to a government approved illicit drug shooting gallery then it seems that curfew rules don’t apply.


One thing is for sure, Lizzy refuses to stay silent, because she wants a free, just, healthy future for all the children. The Old Guard is going down and with all my years of watching Lizzy manifest I must say, her Magick is real, so the Big Boys had better watch out because it’s Game Over.
So mote it be.

Conscious Consumer Network

With Broadcaster Eilish De Avalon
We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For
Aussie Disclosure News


 Lizzy Rose is known globally as Australia’s Celebrity Psychic and Psychic Oracle.




Despite her many and varied abilities, skills and Psychic services, Lizzy Rose strives for justice, truth, transparency and equality. In all walks of life be they Governmental, Religious, Spiritual, Pagan or Medical.


A lifelong journey as a woman growing in her power, in service to humanity now sees her fighting as an activist for Australia’s freedoms, human rights and liberty and in particular in her state of Victoria where she currently resides and has for 31 years.


Lizzy Rose spends most of her days treating her patients and clients, conducting healing ceremonies and speaking with the deceased. Due to the current state of the world you will often find her visiting clients in the middle of the night who are attempting or considering suicide, to bring about healing and to support them in their suffering and fear.


A High Priestess yet humble mother and grandmother.


An Ordained Reverend Minister yet a keen gardener.


An internationally respected Medium yet a lover of a great couch and a movie night.


Lizzy Rose is balanced and fair, wise and fun loving. A Warrior Goddess of intelligence that transcends beyond many lifetimes who has returned to this earth plane as one of the wise seers, to aid humanity into the new dimension and guide people in their personal and collective evolution.


Lady Elizabeth Rose, known as Lizzy Rose, only ever comes from a place of Love, Light and Learning.


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