We are the one’s we have been waiting for

Former Murdoch feature writer, now Freelance Investigative Video Journalist Eilish De Avalon interviews special guests on her new show on CCN Conscious Consumer Network TV called We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.
We take a detailed look at some of the serious exopolitical, secret military and police state issues in the world the mainstream media refuses to examine, we explore some of the implications for humanity and the wellbeing of our planet and some practical solutions we can apply so that we can all contribute to make a positive difference in the world.



Moving out of mainstream and into one’s own independent source of income can be a challenge, especially when loosening the shackles of reliance on a secure corporate income and treading ...





Australia’s Kerrie Hawkins was allegedly sexually harassed and repeatedly raped by a New South Wales Police Officer in 1996, but rather than receiving justice, she has been harassed, bullied, gang ...


Dr Isaac Golden



  With his trademark cowboy hat and dashing handlebar moustache Don Tolman has been referred to over the years in the international media as “The Indiana Jones of Wholefood Medicine”, a calling ...
Laura Eisenhower

Airs every Monday 11pm GMT


Victoria Sinclair


        Hostess of CCN’s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Eilish De Avalon, interviews one of CCN‘s newest Broadcasters, Z, who has his own show on ...

A close-up of Bogdan Majkic's disk plane design

Rak Razam

Fruitarian Anne Osbourne

In this episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For we explore Fruitarianism with Frugivore Anne Osbourne, who’s written the book Fruitarianism: The Pathway To Paradise. CCN Broadcaster Eilish De ...

Dr Richard Alan Miller

Master Pem Tsheri Sherpa

Fritz Springmeier

Rev. John Polk

  Rev. John Marcus Polk is an International Metaphysical Minister, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a medium. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of ...
Gordon Sean Dunn, Australian Veteran, Freemason and whistleblower

The Clinton Foundation's Pay to Play structure implicating the power and influence money can buy

Maya Larissa

Supersoldier Trainer and Terraformer Holly Baglio

Eve Lorgen, MA

On this week’s upcoming episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, CCN hostess, Eilish De Avalon interviews Eve Lorgen on milabs (military abductions), mind control and spiritual ...
Evan and Steven Strong

Gordon Sean Dunn, Australian Veteran, Freemason and whistleblower

Airs every Monday 11pm GMT

Darrell Y Hamamoto


Introducing the amazing life of Angela Power-Disney Angela Power-Disney has a unique insider perspective of MK Ultra trauma-based mind control connected with the British Military and was recruited against her ...
Dan Schreiber
Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay

Jasmijn has been court-abducted and lives somewhere in Marin County California with her drug addicted paedophile father.

Ray Thorpe is running for the New South Wales Senate as an Independent

Kevin Annett

Bobby Runningfox

Bobby Runningfox Cherokee Medicine Man speaks live on CCN with Eilish De Avalon on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For on Monday 16th May 2016 at 11 pm ...

Dan Schreiber
Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay

Light Wizard-promo new small


We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For‘s Eilish De Avalon interviews Queen Maha Shakti Everlasting about the travel embargo banning non essential travel to North Carolina, the  numerous stars ...



Dean Jefferys and the Migaloo II

Dean Jeffreys talks about Whale Whispering and the Shamanic Toad, who's venom contains the God Molecule

Max Igan Returns to We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For



This week’s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, we have a very special guest, Eilish De Avalon interviews Max Igan from the Crowhouse, http://www.thecrowhouse.com/home.html an outspoken political activist, researcher and broadcaster. ...




Following on from our last exciting interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on CCN‘s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, a topic as vast as the Omniverse can’t fully ...

The Omniverse by Alfred Lambremont Webre




Eilish De Avalon and Eva Moore present a very special two hour live broadcast featuring special guest Scott Bennett who’s story is featured here http://armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett#! Author of “SHELL GAME” and supported by Michael-Jay Anderson who is a Vietnam NCO, ...



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