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So, there’s Ancient and then there’s 60,000 years ANCIENT!  Ngangkari healers are considered the treasure of Aboriginal communities.  For 60,000 years their healing traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, from men to boys and women to girls.  The Ngangkari Aborigines believe in treating the person as a whole with the integral acceptance of interconnectedness being at the centre of their belief systems.  Within their art they depict the oneness of the stars, elements, plants and animals, within their healing they incorporate “Dreamtime”, the 5 Healing Principals, ancestry and telepathy. Tonight on Ancient Antidotes I discuss the beliefs of this ancient culture which celebrates living through and as a part of Gaia.  I look at the basic principals and beliefs they have for healing and how we can harness the messages they have begun to share with the world as the need for change and shifting consciousness grows.

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