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From the Vikings to Chinese Emperors, Sages and Rishis to Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops, Cannabis has been used by Mankind for millennia.  Evidence dating back over 12,000 years suggests medicinal, spiritual and ceremonial use of the plant across the planet for management of pain, disease, spiritual awakenings and ancient ceremonies revering and connecting to the Gods amongst many other things.  The plant itself has leant its superior composition to clothing, shoes, rope and twine and even the earliest forms of paper… and of course recreationally its been used by people from all over the ancient and modern world to relax the mind, release anxieties and worry and as a popular alternative to alcohol in countries where religious beliefs prohibit alcoholic use. So why is this commonly used plant with all its benefits and medicinal value abhorred by governments having been illegal across most of the world for the past 80 odd years?  In this first of the new series on Ancient Antidotes I begin to explore the history of Cannabis and share my knowledge and experience of using Cannabis both recreationally and medicinally to bring my perspective to the fearful reputation of Cannabis that I grew up with. In a world that is finally beginning to change its opinion on the Cannabis plant – especially to harness its superior medicinal qualities – it feels like time to open minds and honest hearts regarding the obvious and frustrating hypocrisy of selling drugs with far more dangerous side effects on the high street than those the caused by use of the Cannabis plant.  I will also be talking about a cause very close to my heart at the moment which polarises the shift between the old and new paradigms in this field… Join me tonight at 9pm For more information or to donate please go to or contact Michelle on                                 

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