KEVIN ANNETT EXPOSED 2020 | Mel Ve talks to Tony Boutros and Ryan Elson


With a long history of conning vulnerable people, and ceasing upon any cause that will make him money, this expose of Kevin Annett, is in no way the first, as many others have over the years exposed this charlatan for what he is. Sadly, after a period of dormancy, Kevin Annett has resurfaced with yet another attempt to con people out of money, under the aegis of a Common Law assembly, which is by no means his first attempt.

To those who enable Kevin Annett, by giving him your support, airtime and audience, by encouraging people to support his con, please listen to the above discussion, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to gain further clarity into this machinations of a true con artist and sociopath. REFERENCES:

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