Global Freedom Movement

The world is undergoing an unprecedented and divine transformation as we, the inhabitants of Earth, wake up to the universal truth of connection and love that bind us at our very core. Consciousness has no colour, creed, boundaries, or enemies. The time has come for the forces of suppression, domination, and ignorance which have clouded our realisation of true oneness, to be transcended. The time of disconnection has ended; now we choose
to enter the era of love together, and birth the long foretold Golden Age of a conscious humanity.

Global Freedom Movement (GFM) is a collective of beings sharing the vision and mission of the manifestation of heaven on earth and beyond. GFM Media exists as an educational and activist portal to facilitate the global awakening to the reality of who we are, and to create a planet on which our collective values reflect that enhanced awareness of reality/truth.

Our policy is to promote substance over style, and provide access to depth and quality of information, rather than merely regurgitate the fluffy clichés that pervade the alternative media and “spiritual” sites. GFM Media guests are awakened hard hitters dismissed by the mainstream and yet providing an invaluable service to an
awakening humanity. Our uncensored platform allows other leaders in the world of “alternative thought and/or science” (read: progress) to voice their message, thus more rapidly bringing about the free and abundant world we all know deep down is possible.

Though we are solution-based, political correctness is not our friend; we expose all forms of frauds and lies, whether they are popular in the mass mind and loudly publicly endorsed, or insidious and well concealed. One by one, we pluck deceptions and cover-ups from the proverbial house of cards, and replace them with truth bombs. We acknowledge that half the “battle” is dismantling illusions because falsity is not an ally in creating a peaceful world anchored in truth and reverence for the real.

We invite you to join us in breaking the rusty chains of of conditioned thought and acceptable opinion, and engaging in an informed, lawful, compassionate rebellion, as we co-create the kind of planet we can be proud to bring future generations into! If you are still reading this and starting to feel at home, then buckle up and join us for the paradigm shift of a lifetime.

About The GFM Media CoHosts

Brendan HeadshotBrendan D. Murphy
Author of the critically acclaimed “mind-blowing masterpiece” THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading expositor of the new paradigm of integrated science and spirituality/sovereignty.

He is a passionate advocate of accelerated conscious evolution through sound-based DNA/kundalini activation and intentional harnessing of the life-supporting aetheric forces of consciousness, while also having experience in psychoenergetic and belief change modalities, such as PSYCH-K, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. For Brendan, compassionately hacking the Matrix is more than just sport, it’s a way of life. He lives and breathes it, taking a stand for truth and beckoning others to join him on the path of informed, compassionate, and courageous living. Idle research and information absorption is not enough, we must embody our ideals now and transmute knowledge into wisdom through willful and gutsy application. Only then can we externally realize the yet
unborn freedom that is already immanent in our core selves. The outer world always holographically reflects the inner. “Enough of the slave species legacy we’ve been playing out for millennia! It’s time to rediscover sovereignty, infinite consciousness and our multi-dimensional selves. Evolution is calling. Will we answer?”

Aimee HeadshotAimee Devlin
Aimee seeks to unravel the madness of modern life, shaking the foundations of the prescribed mediocrity considered by so many as “normal” in our world. Only when we lift the veil upon the ego— dismantling its uncomfortable truths in wonder—can we see the beauty of who and what we truly are.

Aimee believes that if we all live the principles that appear to be truth for us, we touch the lives of those we are destined to touch. Standing powerfully as a loving activist for the highest good of all life everywhere, Aimee encourages us to defend the denigration of alternate perceptions of our world, dissolve invisible conditioning,
and rediscover the medicine that unifies us all.

In creating The New Normal (also the working title of her upcoming book), Aimee outlines a modern blueprint for how to thrive effortlessly. The New Normal proposes that we create our lives within a realm oriented towards consciousness expansion, creativity, freedom of expression, healing, and joyful coexistence. “It’s time to collectively realise who and what we really are.”


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