On Reclaiming Perception Tuesday 20 March 2017 8pm – 10pm GMT

I noticed Mark’s work after hearing an advertisement on the Richie Allen Show and after investigation I realised that much of what Mark teaches / shares resonates with me.

We are alive in very exciting times and there are “hand holders” here to help humanity remember their true potential by tuning into Source Energy that runs through the core of our BEING. My intuition tells me Mark is one of those “hand holders” who understands that Source Energy is that of unconditional LOVE.

Mark Bajerski, International Spiritual Teacher, has helped hundreds of people to move beyond painful situations and to begin living a positive and deeply fulfilled life. Mark has been lovingly referred to by many and become internationally known as the ‘Healer of Hearts’.

What is Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.)?

Born a natural empath, Mark Bajerski has always had an awareness of his gift of healing and psychic abilities. Humbled by the miracles that Mark has witnessed over many years, through his work as a channeled healer and the incredible transformations that have occurred in the lives of his clients, Mark devoted his daily life into developing a technique he calls Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H).


On Reclaiming Perception Tues 14th March 2017

John has spent the last 6 years traveling to over 40 countries, teaching a philosophy he created called Social Heartistry – which is a platform for healing the heart and expressing to the world as a social artist.

John began by infiltrating the men’s seduction community – creating a paradigm shift to :
• Slowly subvert it into a platform for self-healing.
• Migrate men from a place of acquisition & control of women, to healthy actions of unconditional expression & co-creation.
• Empower men from the core, so they become autonomous beings that attract. (rather than use creepy pick up tricks)

Social Heartistry continues to not only bridge the huge divide that currently separates men and women but also bring back a sense of community the world over.

John’s debut book “Game Over” is a response to the industry, which was created by a book called “The Game”. He explains how the need to hunt for women and chase results, comes from the wounded child within. And how reconnecting to your sense of autonomy and unconditionality is the true path.


Rather than being a “method” or “system” for attracting women, Social Heartistry – John’s new paradigm, is a way of being that naturally draws people into your orbit. It’s easier to understand and “find fulfillment with” than deploy pick-up techniques because it’s based on core principles to adhere to, rather than lines and behaviours to rattle off.

John is now taking his philosophy and introducing it to new audiences and sectors such as the corporate world, prisons, schools . In an aim to bring more love into the world, through the expressing of the individuals uniqueness.


Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational satanic worshiping family and he is a survivor of trauma based mind control. This is a practice that is intentionally designed to traumatise children with a plan to fragment the mind of the child to enable to control the adult. The practice of trauma includes severe sexual abuse from a very young age and this causes the synapses to be rewired from their natural order. This causes different chemicals to be released from the brain to deal with the trauma. This control includes creating the next generation of abusers to continue the family tradition of ritual abuse and satanic worship and controlled slave.

In previous interviews Jay has outlined his family history stating that his father, his grandfather and his mother were in in the Illuminate and his family was associated with them since the 1700’s. The Illuminate goes back all the way to Babylon – known as the old religion.

Jay provides a very powerful explanation how he used EFT to undo / heal the programming from the trauma based mind control. As therapist who uses EFT to get wonderful results I am particularly interested in the process that Jay used to tackle his emotional pain and to break down how we can really educate other survivors of extreme trauma to use this for themselves.

What a brave soul Jay is to speak of the unspeakable to ensure that every day people can see that this is really going on with the intention of making it stop whilst working towards getting people to stand up to these atrocities. It’s an uncomfortable subject but the light needs to be shined on this


I live in Hull and was horrified to discover that the local council are planning to fluoridate the water when most of Europe is opting to ban it due to health risks. My instant reaction is to stand up to this insane proposal which is being pushed on the back of poor dental health in a number of young children in the region. My desire to help out where possible in educating local people led me to meet the wonderful Joy Warren who is the guest on this weeks Reclaiming Perception. I wanted to give Joy a platform to discuss in great details the FACTS that challenge the Councils arguments and to truly educate people of what this toxin does to the human body.

Joy Warren has worked in the West Midlands all her life, including several years in Government Departments and at the University of Warwick. She gained a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science in 2002 following which she inspired the Warwick Environment Network which was succeeded by Warwick University adopting formal environment programmes. In 2007, she became the University’s Environment Programmes Coordinator, a job which she held for three years prior to retirement. As a member of FoE, she was also instrumental in preventing the building of Coventry City’s second waste incinerator, thus paving the way for the City’s successful recycling programme.
She is particularly concerned about the detrimental effects on our health of substances which are deliberately and accidentally introduced into our environment. She has researched the fluoridation controversy since 2004 although other artificial and naturally-occurring health-damaging substances also concern her. Having acquired a Certificate in Health and Nutrition, she avoids doctors and allopathic medicine and instead, self-treats. It goes without saying that she avoids ingesting and absorbing fluoride even though she lives in a fluoridated city.
During the past seven years, she has collaborated with three other anti-fluoridation groups in Hampshire, Bedford and Wakefield and has successfully helped them to prevent water fluoridation. Initial attempts to fluoridate Barnsley and Nottingham have been put on the back burner due to her activity. Her current focus is on Hull and the East Riding.

Groups Joy is supporting / affiliated with
West Midlands Against Fluoridation
UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance
Joy Warren, BSc. (Hons) Environmental Science
Coordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation
Joint Coordinator, UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance

win-k-imageI first met Win when he did a talk about crop circles and his knowledge and intellect blew my mind. You can probably observe from his bio below there are numerous subjects that I could interview Win about and I am sure we will have him back on Reclaiming Perception several times. On this week’s show we will be discussing the history and energetics of money, Economic cycles and crashes, Barter and alternative currencies and their place in economic stimulus and self-empowerment.

I found Win to be a man who has a high level of intelligence combined with the openness of heart and mind to look beyond paradigm maintained science and social indoctrination. To me he has an obvious ability to tune in to his higher conscious self and to bring knowledge and wisdom into this realm. A true way shower who is on the path to help us all reclaim our authentic knowledge that lies within.

Win is an Aerospace Engineer, Innovator, Crop Circle and UFO researcher … and lifelong biker.

He is known globally within the Info-Sec industry as the inventor of One-Time-PIN codes and the World’s best computer authentication products … but more generally known for his work in filming the 777 Crop Formation as it occurred.

Win is a familiar contributor within the Eco-Sustainability world as the inventor and designer of the award winning, super eco-friendly RidgeBlade / Wind Generator.

Win’s new focus is Global economic sustainability with his work in developing the FairX E-MultiTrade Platform..

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