BURSTING THE HOPIUM BUBBLE | Mel Ve talks to Tony Bourtos

An in depth conversation between Mel Ve and Tony Boutros, discussing the fakers, frauds, charlatans and scammers of the “truth movement”, including Sacha Stone, Simon Parkes, Q Anon but to name a few.

Mel Ve has been working in the world of Alternative Media for over a decade, and has intimate first hand experience of many of the frauds, which she has called out at many points in the past. Mel and Tony send a strong message to humanity encouraging them to get off the hopium trip, and stop following false prophets.

This expose bursts the bubble for many, who have invested time, money and hope into people and projects that go absolutely nowhere, but enrich the pocket of those who take donations for misdirecting people, and thus, have led many people astray

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