Aussie Disclosure News talks to Danny Searle to help us deep dive into the question has the Melbourne Premier gone rogue?

Will Dan Andrews be arrested for Treason? Aussie Disclosure News discusses Australia’s current circumstances with the Melbourne Lockdown, nation wide protests, police brutality and mass arrests of sovereign citizens in their homes for posting on social media. We speak to special guest Danny Searle to help us deep dive into the question of Treason Daniel Andrews, China & the CCP and Melbourne’s harsh lockdown regime. Has Daniel Andrews gone rogue?

1.Free Victoria Video

2.Canadians standing for Australia

4.Vic police filmed threatening to arrest two elderly women Watch the dramatic moment five Melbourne police officers surround two elderly women sitting on a park bench and threaten to arrest them.

5.Zoe arrest

6.James Bartolo arrest

7.Charlie Ward Melbourne tunnels and police offices questioning the narrative…..empty hospitals

8.Charlie Freek Children underground tunnels Melbourne / chemtrails / 5G 56:00 – 59:19

9.stick your new world up ur arse song

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