Aussie Disclosure News | Melb a Strong City? Police brutality. Freedom fighter Serene Teffaha.

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Links from the show:

1.STRONG CITIES Melbourne is the only Australian city signed up and look at our police force!

2.Strong City – Jamie McIntyre discusses Melbourne smart cities

3.Chief wigwam eating his own vomit + surveillance cameras + policing putting out you’re bins.

4.Rally -vic markets

The Yemini Report of vic markets

5.Protestor footage of vic market – note Chinese looking uniforms?

6.Vic Markets channel 7 report

7.Sunshine Report – woman pulled from car

8.Arrested for being at neighbours house:

9.Man being stomped on by police

10.Suicides rampant in Victoria

As the Victorian Coroners Court Data Report released last month claims suicides have not risen. I call all the funeral agencies, particularly in Victoria to release the suicide figures.

11.Aust doc speaks out about cover deaths in vic

Doctors speak out about aged care deaths falsifying the numbers:

12.Doctors forces people to take drugs

13.SERENE TEFFAHA intro & bio-security act.

stick your new world up ur arse song

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