Aussie Disclosure News 29.09.2020. Melbourne Deep-state Collapse. Rise of Uluru Prophesy 21.12.2020.

This week we continue to dive deep into the extraordinary Uluru Prophesies – and what we need to do to support this activation being successful. Understanding that the implications of its success not only relies on 100000+ Aussies with pure hearts its success triggers the Next Phase of The Great Awakening across the world. It starts here in Australia on the 21.12.2020. We continue to juxtapose the Rising of our Original Peoples with the Falling of our False Matrix Control/fear grids with specific focus on Melbourne Victoria. We showcase the latest brutal police arrests, protests, freedom movements, speeches and humours memes from across the world.

Aussie Disclosure News is a weekly podcast on the Conscious Consumer Network. Broadcast LIVE 8am-10am Aussie time on CCN. Your hosts Eilish De Avalon and Kelly Jones are independent researchers specialising in real time world events as we move towards Full Disclosure and the Great Awakening. We specifically focus on Australia as we both reside in the Melbourne area. It is our honour to serve our listeners and community through our interviews, reports and coverage.

DOWNLOAD OUR 2 FREE FREAKIN AWESOME SUPER EMPOWERING GREAT AWAKENING MEDITATION CDS we have made as a free gift for everyone marching around the world on the side of LIGHT LOVE UNITY TRUTH and FREEDOM for all. We honour you. We love you. This tool is our gift to you in service and in support of the Great Awakening. These CD’s will move you beyond your fear of authority, the conditioning that one needs to be governed by another, and the false idea that someones has lore over you. Freedom and Your Inalienable Rights Meditation reminds you to be your own power, your own Lore, and your own Sovereign being. By changing the thoughts in your mind that keep you in fear of authority you can bring back peace, unity, love and clarity to your higher self and integrate within your being the wisdom that you are FREE

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Links from todays show.

Message for conspiracy theorist

Useless Blue Masks become Mandatory!

Can’t carry a sign\

Dan Andrews vs dr evil

Fines for Illegal gatherings raised from $1,600 to $5,000 – dobbing in neighbour.

Karen brewer mocking fines

Looking at BLACK HISTORY gain 60,000years of history

THE ORIGINAL PROPHECY: 100,000+ need to be in resonance ON DEC 21ST 2020 @ ULURU? Toiletpaper….

King Uluki – what to do leading up to dec event (King of the Raven Tribe)

One voice

London police beating up old woman


Gareth Icke London Protest

THE BLESSING AUSTRALIA – Churches UNITE to sing The Blessing over Australia

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