ADNews 13th Oct 2020. | Karen Brewer

This week Aussie Disclosure news delivers the week’s events, looks at the resistance and the controlled opposition element of MSM, with Karen Brewer our guest for the second hour describing the network of Freemasonry that assumes leadership over us. We cover the ongoing illegal fines from VIC Government (now totalling 27million) in enforcing COVID0-19 SCAM- including the fining of a homeless man for breaching curfew laws by sleeping in his car! The resignation of Jenny Mikakos and Chris Eccles and the push to arrest Dan Andrews for crimes against humanity.
Aussie Disclosure News is a weekly podcast on the Conscious Consumer Network. Broadcast LIVE 8am-10am Aussie time on CCN. Your hosts Eilish De Avalon and Kelly Jones are independent researchers specialising in real time world events as we move towards Full Disclosure and the Great Awakening. We specifically focus on Australia as we both reside in the Melbourne area. It is our honour to serve our listeners and community through our interviews, reports and coverage.
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Hitler humour trump
New $10,000 fine if country business let Melbourne people shop there. The restrictions that apply to you in melbourne travel with you – melbourners are not allowed to sit in café.
Plane banner + Bus
Homeless man fined for breaching covid curfew by living in his car…
Karen Brewer on Peta Credlin
World Health Organisation has ‘reversed its position on lockdowns’
Sentencing a pedophile
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