Youth on Subjects of the World – Episode #14 – Youth Interview Jim Flannery



Monday, May 15, 2017 4-6 PM EDT (9– 11 PM BST)

Youth on Subjects of the World – Listen in on our panel of amazing young people as they discuss current world events and important issues. They will choose one broad topic for each show, and talk about the facts, as well as, of course, their own opinions.

The panel for our fourteenth episode includes Martin Harvey-Olson and Neil Karkhanis.

They have chosen to change it up a bit for this exciting episode. Episode 14 will feature an interview with friend and fellow advocate for freedom Jim Flannery.

*DISCLAIMER* During the interview, the panelists discuss some ways to “Fight the System”. The panelists, the producer, nor CCN obviously do not recommend or endorse any member of the public to try any of these methods.

Meet Jim:

At first glance, my career may seemed scattered across different fields and topics. However, an emerging theme I’ve noticed in my work is to empower people who are powerless. This may sound cliche, so I’ll try and be more specific: I want to unlock doors and liberate people who are trapped inside.  More specific? I want to help students trapped in school, elderly people trapped in nursing homes, psychiatric patients trapped in institutions, and inmates trapped in prisons.

To achieve these lofty goals, I bring many different skills to the table. For example, I am an experienced startup entrepreneur, trained biomedical engineer, strong public speaker, self-taught web developer, self-satisfying comedian, eccentric physics teacher, and mediocre painter. To keep myself sane, I like reading, rock climbing, skateboarding, and traveling.
While I don’t mind fighting alone, success requires a team. Let’s talk about coordinating our efforts to create a better world.
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If you are able to tune in LIVE, the Youth can also answer your questions LIVE.

The Youth for Episode #14:

Martin Harvey-Olson

Martin Harvey-Olson is an unschooled kid who is all about creative expression through music. He has been following his passions for years – cosplay, art, martial arts, gymnastics, but most of all music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and is working on mastering multiple musical styles and genres, although his favorite is Rock/Alternative.

Neil Karkhanis

Neil Karkhanis is 14 years old and attends South Jersey Sudbury School, a democratic free school where the students decide how to spend their time.  He enjoys discussing politics, education, world events and nutritional science. He has been involved in community theater since the age of six. He spends a few months out of the year living in Tampa, FL and the rest in New Jersey. He’s very excited to have this platform to share views and ideas with others.


Anne Boie, Producer


Anne Boie is an entrepreneur and partner in work, family and play to her husband, David Leahy. She is a dedicated unschooling mother of the four Leahy children, ages 4- 16. The Leahy family has lived in Suburban Dallas, Rural Grayson County, Texas, and several years ago after the birth of their fourth child, they decided to pursue their dream of a more exciting urban location, as close to New York City as they could manage financially. After researching several options with the help of their children, they chose Hackettstown, New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia, and moved their warehouse of more than a million Lego bricks, two dogs, three cats, four children, one Nana (David’s mom) and all their belongings halfway across the country. They have been happily living there for almost 3 years now, and are always eager to meet and talk to both experienced and new unschoolers.
Anne was very excited to take on the role of co-producer of the For the Love of Learning show, as a means of exploring ideas about education from people all over the world, and to help create a better world by showing parents that there is another way, they don’t have to blindly follow the crowd when it comes to education and raising happy children.
She is even more excited to take on this new role as lead producer for Youth on Subjects of the World. This amazing group of young people will give you hope for the future of our world.

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