Venetian Black Nobility – the Capstone on the Pyramid of Power


Demonic Power StructureIf we have studied the pyramid of power from the bottom up, which results in finding a multitude of rabbit holes that dead end blocked without reaching up to the next level – the power remains hidden.
However, when one researches from the top down, one reaches the ends of the rabbit holes that were blocked when researching from the bottom up.
Then the structure is revealed.
So who’s REALLY at the top of what is commonly known as the “Illuminati pyramid”?
The Jesuits? The Zionists? The Nazis? The Satanists? The Luciferians? The Rothschild/Rockerfellers? The Black Pope? The IMF? The UN?
It’s actually the Venetian Black Nobility, above which is the demonic hierarchies of the Satanic/Luciferic Rebellion.
If you study the Byzantine Empire and look up families like the Delbancos you’ll be onto it. There were originally 12 families, but due to inbreeding and dying out they are now down to 7 families which is encouraging. These are the most evil and possessed people on the planet. They turn against their own allies as normal business procedure. They are the ones secreting the planet’s gold reserves in Swiss underground vaults and the trucks come in day and night with the spoils of war, for which their banks fund both sides. Venice controls the world bank system and FREE TRADE, Byzantium was finished off with a FREE TRADE agreement.
For more information watch Palmerston’s Zoo Lecture

And here’s Webster Tarpley’s work – The Venetian Conspiracy – listen closely and take notes, he doesn’t connect all the dots though.
We keep blaming the wrong people, we think it’s Israel, we think it’s the Bank of England or the Swiss Bankers, but who owns them? Give you one guess: it’s the same Venetian Black Nobility that created the Illuminati in 1776. Who funded Ignatius Loyola to create Jesuits? The Venetians.
Martin Luther of the Reformation had 2 Venetian handlers. Venetians created Protestantism to weaken the power of Catholic church. When the ‘Venetian’ British East India company went in to India, their first two laws were: Forbidding the Indians from making Sea Salt, which is a Venetian Monopoly. The second one was forbidding the Indians from making textiles. Mahatma Ghandi violated both these Laws when he began the process to kick the English/Venetians out. The East Indian Company evolved from the Venetian owned Turkey Company, which morphed into the Levant Company, which morphed into the East India Company.
We are given the history that Jewish Amsterdam Bankers funded Cromwell and established the Bank of England. This is partially true. It was Venetian money that the Jewish bankers used.
The Guelphs of which Queen Elizabeth II is a member, is descended from Venetians.
Also watch the Lesson of Byzantium for the Free Trade info International Treaties take precedence over internal law, that is why Free Trade treaties are so dangerous.
There is also a lecture on the Black Nobility by Lyndon Larouche on Youtube

Here’s the KGB Lecture-
World Power Structure
“About Russian power’s policy in (the) country’s escapement of economical and political crisis”

The reason that Russia is not developed is that the Venetians do not control Russia and their trade. The lecturer does not come to this conclusion but he is on target with most of what he concludes.

Anyway, please check out the links, do your own research, take lots of notes and realise that the power is within us to bring these Black Venetian Nobles down by suing them and rendering them penniless.