UFO Inventor Bogdan Majkic – on his futuristic technologies

Airs every Monday 11pm BST
Airs every Monday 11pm BST
Eilish De Avalon Hostess of We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
Eilish De Avalon Hostess of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For



A close-up of Bogdan Majkic's disk plane design
A close-up of Bogdan Majkic’s disk plane design



Please join us at 11 pm London time, 9 am Melbourne time on Conscious Consumer Network when we meet Conscious Inventor Bogdan Majkic on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For with your hostess Eilish De Avalon who believes in sharing his designs with humanity for the benefit of all.

Bogdan Majkic
Inventor Bogdan Majkic

We will have an opportunity to chat with the inventor of many of Bogdan’s inventions, over two hours where we explore his philosophies his background and his insights into where we are headed.

He’s had his fair share of setbacks, mainly being with securing funding for prototypes for pre-production and also with designs being stolen by self-minded opportunists. So he’s throwing open his inventions for all to benefit from from hydroelectric and solar combined applications to flying disk planes, he will share some never before seen designs and speak about the future of humanity with his many visions of the future.


Bio- in his own words:

“My Name is Bogdan Majkic (Maykich) and I am from Melbourne Australia. I was born long time ago 1964 in Bosnia X Yugoslavia and I am of Serbian Orthodox Origin. Came to Australia in Feb.1990 and still live here in Melbourne. Back in Bosnia my Family had a Black Smith Shop which was there for many Generations. My Mother and Father had 7 boys and we were all born into Technologies. I was No 6 and I stood out a bit as I have shown very creative skills. Ever since till this day this day my creativity is a present and even grooving more in side of me. It turned out that whatever I touch or imagine I can develop and build/create. I am able to do many things and many trades even to do Art of all kind and sculpturing, play music as self-taught and so on and on. I played many sports as well in past and have tried many things. Always had that curious Nature for just about anything and everything but one thing stood out and it was the strongest in me and that is interest and love for Technologies. All my life I was interested in Technical stuff, Engineering, Architecture, Technical drawings, Science, all kind of Technologies old and new and always had that ability to understand and improve things and make them better. It takes great skills to be able to do so and to confidently say Yes I can do all that and YES I say confidently that I can do all that.

Throughout my live I have improved many things and come up with so many better solutions in variety of things and I was sharing them with people around me. Someday I saw my Ideas on Television (stolen) and that was when I decided to start inventing seriously and started Patenting my Ideas. At first that was hard and confusing but soon after I have learned how to do all that and started to do Patent Specifications and Patenting etc. all by myself. Now days after some 20 years I feel confident in that business too.

In the last 20 years or so I have produced so many different Technologies and have gained few Patents as well. I could not Patent everything as I could not afford Patenting fees but I do have many Designs which are all genuine Technological material or genuine Technologies. Because I had so much material to offer I did not know what to do with all that so one day I have decided to start sharing all this publically through different Internet sites (FB, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Google etc.) with an Intention to help and inform other people around the world of what is possible and what could be done for benefit of all. At first that was controversial but soon after well accepted by almost everyone on the Internet.

Once again I have find unique and safe way to participate in advancing of this world and humanity and it felt like a real joy most of the times in doing so. For some Technologies that I have produced sharing was done for safety reasons and it was the only way and to publish them but many other Technologies were done and given to Humanity from the heart. There are also Technologies that I promote as I have Patents on them and those are for me to benefit from them/other. In mean time I become well known Inventor who shares his work which is not common procedure when comes to Technologies. Many people keep those as a top secret and for a long time but I see importance of sharing of my work and there for a chance for us all to progress collectively. That is why I do all that.

I love Inventing and producing of New Technologies and always support all kind of work in that direction. I class myself as an Inventor of Advanced Technologies/other because most of my Projects are just that and not easy so many times to understand as well so it is also very important to be able and to understand Technologies even from the Drawings if nothing else. Due to lack of money and funds my work is mainly on paper but work of greatest importance in my opinion for this civilization and for generations to come.

Many people might disagree and say this and that but once we understand the Ideology that comes with the technologies than we would be able to understand complete concept of all and life in general. So it takes much more than just Inventing especially for Inventors of modern times.

I love people all around world and see no difference between us at all. I understand bit about the Universe as well and would love to help and take human kind deep into universe by using some of my technologies. It might not happen in my life time but it will happen sometime soon and I have so many things to offer.

Due to some health reasons I am on disability pension at the moment and I cannot afford development of so costly technologies and R&D for them so the help is needed and funds are the most important for any of my technologies to see the light. I hope that someday soon I find what I am looking for (funds) so I can start developing and producing much more. I have many more Technologies already designed beside those which are published and have so many more ideas for so much more.

Either way I will try to keep this world posted and give all the Technologies which are meant for everyone. It would be selfish and sad to keep all this for myself and away from everyone out there.

I will do my fair share and what I can and do my work for Generations to come. Bogdan Majkic”

Website: www.bogdanmajkic.webs.com

If you wish to help Bogdan get some of his inventions out there sooner and help fund prototypes please send your donations to his Pay Pal and his email dannymagik@yahoo.com.au
Phone: +61 409 10 88 30