Newkind Festival: time for building the new dreaming – Erfan Daliri



Airs every Monday 11pm GMT
Airs every Monday 11pm GMT

On Monday 11 pm GMT (Tuesday 10 am AEDT) We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For‘s hostess Eilish De Avalon interviews Erfan Daliri a paradigm-shifting visionary, who wanted to create more than just another bush-doof music festival but one in which envisions and co-creates with other visionaries and new earth builders a sustainable, mutually prosperous future for humanity.

He’s just launched a project that has been a lifetime in the making and is inviting those inspired to come and co-create a new future with other progressive creatives.

Newkind is a conference of ideas hosted as a festival; in short a master class for agents of social change.

The programming covers themes as diverse as economy, technology, social enterprise, health, fitness, sustainability and permaculture as well as spiritual practice.

The whole crew is working as volunteers and they have each bought their own ticket to the event to cover costs. If they manage to cover the expenses and there is something left in the kitty, they’ll put aside some seed capital so they can fund community development and social change projects after the gathering.

The purpose for putting this on is to gather thought leaders, inventors, and inspirational educators from around the country, so they can empower the people attending through practical skill development and actuals tools and knowledge so they can become more engaged and effective agents of social change.

The hashtag #WeAreNewkind is a statement to the world that we will not stand by and watch the current global situation helplessly, but instead we are going to step up, train up, and get on with the job of addressing the issues of environment, animal rights, domestic violence, economic disparity and global conflict. It’s on us to make the change, and that’s why this event is so important to us.

The crew are seeking exemplary individuals who are professionally engaged in work that is related to themes of new economy, technology, social change, community development, etc.

There is a link to online applications for presenters and speakers here


Official Newkind Trailer


“My father single-handedly started his first festival in Tasmania in 1984, and now 33 years later I return to Tasmania with a powerhouse crew of insanely committed individuals from all over the world. I’ve always known the transformative power of the immersive festival experience, and after watching and learning, and patiently waiting for the right moment, I am ecstatic to announce that Newkind is finally here. An event that vows to uphold the highest integrity with regards to environmental impact, animal rights, content, purpose and even who we decide to receive sponsorship from. The world requires a new breed of active, engaged, articulate and inspired human being that recognises the flaws of the failing system and gets on with the job of reinventing reality. Instead of protesting and vehemently pointing out the glaringly obvious, we take the time to consider solutions and alternatives. A new kind of being is required, one who acts and moves and speaks with the highest integrity, respect and awareness, one who addresses personal and global contradictions simultaneously. And as a boot camp and training ground for this new kind of being, we designed a new kind of festival. It’s called Newkind, and it’s as much a way of life, as much a social change movement, as it is a festival. #WeAreNewkind and we take no backwards steps. We are meeting at base camp in Tasmania to upskill, collaborate, share knowledge across various schools of thought, and become more efficient and effective agents of social change.
Join us…” –Erfan Daliri



“If we had to start all over again, what would we take with us?”

From March 17-20 2017, we will meet at base camp in Tasmania, to Reinvent Reality.

Newkind Festival is a four-day boot camp and a call to action for change makers.

Erfan Daliri and his team are assembling thought leaders, innovators and educators to empower and inspire agents of change. Lectures, discussion panels, skill development workshops and physical training sessions will lead into evenings of experimental art, immersive theatre and entertainment.

Applications are still open for presenters, inventors, engineers, Spinifex is calling out to the world builders, creators, makers, hackers, thinkers, who want to join him and The 100 in creating a new reality; a new world, a new way of being. “We are Newkind and we’re constructing a base camp at our Tasmanian outpost. Skills are needed and spaces at base camp are limited. We are preparing the training facilities and smuggling in the world’s leading inventors, educators, makers and doers so we can prepare for the journey ahead of us.

The New Kind website  posts a video transmission each week with more details, so stay tuned to The Story on their website for updates.

Here’s a preview