Hugh Squiers: exposing the elite paedosexual ring of his childhood.




Hugh Squier speaks with Eilish De Avalon on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For about his long-untold story of his kidnapping, torture, ongoing child sexual abuse, targeting, stalking, his run-ins with union bosses, the FBI agents, homicide detectives, with identity and trademark thieves, he tells why so many people around him have passed away in mysterious circumstances as well as having survived many attempts on his own life.

As a baby he was chained to a post in a basement and repeatedly drugged, raped and beaten, this happened at his church and at his school, he wasn’t safe anywhere.

“This is just like what the Osbourne Family did to me at birth in Hazel Park, Michigan, 1953 – 1957 . After Kidnapping me, I was also tortured and used for sex while chained to that basement post, by Daryl Hall and Mr Osbourne, no one ever went to jail. No one ever cared. I escaped on my own one day at the age of 4 .”

Eilish De Avalon asks Hugh about his bloodline, as Hugh’s relatives include Admiral Byrd who flew beyond Antarctica, Buckminster Fuller and Grand Master Mason Albert Pike was Hugh’s great great Uncle, three presidents on Mount Rushmore and Reptilian witness Phil Schneider (cousin) to name a few.

He even goes into detail about the reptilian contact stories within his family.16395741_10154848250013930_938038759_n

Hugh now shares his incredible story exposing a story of child kidnap, rape and torture from the 1950s not only of him but other neighbourhood children including his twin, in which the school was complicit in his repeated attacks, of which he bears the scars to this day. Hugh names names, many of whom are still household names – which is why he’s become a targeted individual – however he vows to speak his truth no matter what.

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