Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise with Anne Osbourne


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In this episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For we explore Fruitarianism with Frugivore Anne Osbourne, who’s written the book Fruitarianism: The Pathway To Paradise.

Anne Osbourne

CCN Broadcaster Eilish De Avalon and Anne will be discussing the recent history of the fruit diet, and the Pioneers who went before; the ethical benefits of the fruit diet; the environmental benefits of the fruit diet; the health benefits of the fruit diet; raising children on a fruit-based diet; and the importance of consuming great quality fruit.

Eilish De Avalon
Eilish De Avalon

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Anne believes that the fruit diet is a diet is an optimal way to live for environmental, ethical, and health reasons.

Anne’s book ‘Fruitarianism The Path To Paradise‘ was published in English in 2009 and the Italian version ‘Fruittarismo la via verso il Paradiso’ was published in Italy 2011.

Anne currently works for the Woodstock Fruit Festival and is also a freelance author and illustrator.
In her spare time Anne enjoys gardening, sewing, reading, photography, and walking.
Anne has given presentations on the fruit diet in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Anne believes the Fruit Diet is the most compassionate, the most environmentally positive, the healthiest, and the most rational way forward for our Planet; so it is wonderful for her to be help promote this diet by her writing, talks, and artwork.

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