Eilish De Avalon speaks with Peter Kling, Hermeneuticist about Letters To Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon



In their previous chat The Einstein of Hermeneutics, Peter Kling chats to Eilish De Avalon on CCN‘s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, about the nature of the Multiverse and the evolution of Humanity. Peter’s first interview on CCN goes into great detail about how Biblical Prophecy influences the world’s current situation and talks about his book Letters to Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon. 

What we are facing is the destruction and end of 6000 years of “Rebel Alien Control” of planet Earth, their “Ruling Class” of Kings, Priests, their Military and Support Staff, who have enslaved we the Human physical Children of God. This whole “System of Evil” has been designed to keep the Truth hidden and to keep people in a state of “Beta Fear”, where we have little to no “Cosmic Power”.

If they told the Truth, this world could be changed in 1 generation. What we are never told is the “Exopolitical” side of the situation and where and how we fit in, which can only be learned from the Scriptures. That is why the Bible is so dangerous and the people who know and comprehend are targets by the Church, who up till the mid 1500’s still burned people at the stake for reading the Bible, the same time Martin Luther and Peter Kling’s ancestors became targets of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Let’s notice word “Roman” in that title.

What we experience after the Paradigm Shift of Armageddon, is the restoration of our DNA and the Planet. It is also said that we have now started on a 2000 year trip through the Ponton Belt too! An age of True Enlightenment and Healing for the plant and all life on the planet. It will also be a time of learning and rebuilding, but not the rebuilding of cities.

Those whom Survive Armageddon, will be more like “Family” and our society will be under the “Law of Love”, starting at the Family Level. The one BIG thing which will change is that we are going to loose the Beta operating speed of the Brain.As for logistics, we will all produce what we consume and return to a farming way of life, but farming on a global scale.

This might seem a bit overwhelming, but we are not alone in this, we will be given direction and the technologies to deal with and overcome situations we will be facing, like turning the deserts into gardens. We will basically be guided by our Cosmic Family, under the Rule of Peace of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is one blip at the end, before we take our next big step in our “Development”, we’ll talk about that in the next episode this coming Monday Night 11 pm GMT (Tuesday 10am-noon AEDT) where we delve deeper into these topics about Armageddon and beyond.