Dr Elizabeth Conway: empowering women in spiritual businesses


Moving out of mainstream and into one’s own independent source of income can be a challenge, especially when loosening the shackles of reliance on a secure corporate income and treading into the world of self-employment.

When moving away from the corporate lifestyle and into one’s own business, especially when it’s a metaphysical/alternative therapies business it takes a special person to mentor the new business person in a way that can see the birth of the vision and support the growth of a new business, especially when historically many new businesses close within a few years of opening.

A right-brain creative visionary person can sometimes need a boost in the left-brain world so that one can stay afloat in the new business.

In this episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Eilish De Avalon interviews Melbourne’s Dr Elizabeth Conway who workshops practical tangible solutions especially to women in spiritual businesses and mentors them to ensure that they achieve success. If you’re looking at developing your own pre-existing business or perhaps looking at moving out of the rat-race, Dr Elizabeth’s wise words are well worth tuning in to.

You may be new to business or feel like you are serving an on-the-job training apprenticeship. If either of these descriptions fit you to some extend this workshop is worth considering attending.

ISIS Vision Institute is a unique educational, teaching and training institute, specializing in Success Training from and with a Metaphysical Mind Set.
The business training at IVI includes core and short courses to support the Small Business Entrepreneur on their success journey.
This workshop event is part of the short course program in the institute.
Those who will attend this workshop are the start up and stand out business people who are serious about their business.
• Serious about knowing how to create their business for success
• Serious enough to learn and grow in every aspect of business for success
• Seriously focused and willing to gain further knowledge and skills about business and how to work for success
• Seriously Seeking Success Training
What you will discover and learn is…
• The essential components that need to be accomplished for a best outcome scenario in business
• Gain a clear direction and action strategies for business success
• You’ll discover what is valuable to do and what not to do for business success
• What is it that will make you “Stand Out” in business
• The Value of each of these 7 components
• The Need to incorporate these 7 components
• How and why these 7 components build your business success
• Discover what you aren’t doing to achieve business success
• Discover the blocks that prevent your business success

IVI Founder and Director Elizabeth ISIS Conway is herself a Small Business Entrepreneur for over 25yrs. She shares her knowledge and expertise along with the sound business success strategies proven to be essential for short and long term business success.
About Dr Elizabeth:

Dr. Elizabeth began her work career as a teacher. After twenty years of teaching the desire to own her own business proved too strong and she left teaching to pursue her dream. She opened her own retail shop, took a Small Business course and built her business over the next 20 years.
While working in the business she embarked on a personal study of Spirituality.
She studied Reiki, completing her Reiki Masters. And she discovered her natural intuitive and psychic abilities.
After 20 years in retail she closed her business and began her well being business, Awaken Within. She added to her qualification a Cert. in Counselling and is also an Angel Intuitive™ and Metaphysical Therapist. As she worked with her clients she found herself enhancing her work through teaching; teaching intuition, spirituality and self mastery. She had returned to her first love.
She opened her Metaphysics (spirituality) school in 2011, ISIS Vision Institute She also holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics.
She has begun to write, putting into book form much of her teachings, soon to be released her first book Beyond the Law of Attraction.

Website   http://isisviedu.com.au/