Christy Wilson-Tietje: SRA MKU survivor disclosure and her free energy devices



On this episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Eilish De Avalon and Eva Moore chat with Christy Wilson-Tietje, who describes her life and her insights as an MK Ultra and Satanic Ritual Abuse Witness and Survivor, revealing her family’s military involvement in top secret operations and her experiences within secret government programs.

And engaging lively well-informed speaker, Christy has a lot to say about what’s happening on an energetic level in the cosmos and how we need to adjust our perceptions, and polish our meditations and be mindful of the responsibility of our upgraded and reawakened abilities.

She also has made several free energy devices and teaches about zero point energy and the unification we’re all moving towards energetically and how we can protect ourselves from outside forces.

Here is a link to the documents she posted on FB proving her family’s involvement and rest of the official D.O.D. documents are all here

Researchers: see more background detail on Cosmic Disclosure ~ Season: 7; Episode: 3: L. Ron Hubbard & NASA founder Jack Parsons preformed portal opening to allow the reptilian Draco into our dimension.  The ritual is called: Babylon Working (Draco summoning in Magic Circle)
This was at Crestline, CA’s Satan’s Castle in the San Bernardino Mountains in the Enchanted Valley, blocks away from the largest Scientology Vault (aka compound and deep underground base) which L. Ron Hubbard himself ordered be built for his return from space.
Christy said: “I am gifting you the Cosmic Disclosure episode where they describe the portal opening to the location I will expose.

 Christy will go into detail about her  research on Satan’s Castle 
Here is a link to ALL of Christy’s notes on Satan’s Castle

Also, LONG before Wilcock or anyone was talking about this Babalon Working Portal Joshua Wilkes was, Christy had found it.  Luckily she copied his entire text, because after she shared the link on FB the site of course deleted the original.  he also lists TONS of references  His writings continue in the comments area, as it was so much data I couldn’t fit it all!  He made many spelling and grammar errors, and that can be attributed to the fact that he was frantic, scarred and under levels of mind control… possibly failing mind control programming

Satan’s Castle Coordinates 34°14’5.07″N 117°18’8.05″W

Book by Crestline Satanist gone “Christian” AKA FRONT: SELLING SATAN: The Tragic History of Michael Warnke.

Even the name Big Bear (one of 2 major small cities up here) has significance…. Ursa Major, which Head of the NSA & Head Satanist Michael Aquino is obsessed with and is on his Coat of Arms, has occult significance.
Michaels own words:
” I have been at times very interested in all of this stuff concerning Ursa Major and the northern celestial pole, but I am perennially interested in how it relates to the development of Chinese thought and especially martial arts, particularly Taiji and qigong. I would think that your “House of Surt” would be really interested in that stuff.”Surt [an element of the Temple of Set focusing on magical aspects of the Martial Arts] probably is, but I haven’t been directly involved with it. When writing MindWar, the MA expert whose brains I particularly picked for PSYCON #10 and the related part of the MetaForce Branch chapter was Dale Seago, who in addition to being able to tie you into a pretzel in a couple of seconds is also a high Initiate and an experienced U.S. Army veteran of both Military Intelligence and PSYOP.””I haven’t come across references to the celestial pole in all of this, but am always interested if you feel like elaborating. My own affinity for the “Bears” (to use their exoteric name) is similar to that of Queen Tera’s, reflected by their inclusion in my UK coat of arms and badge/standard.”WEBSITE with PHOTO of Colonel Michael Aquino’s COAT OF ARMS and HERALDRY PAPERS.Gules is the principal colour of the armiger’s father’s arms, Vert that of his mother, and a lion appears on both of them. This lion holds an ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of divine life. Against the Azure colour of the night sky, the constellation of the Great Bear, in silver stars, represents the ancient Greek legend of Callisto and Arcas, also reflected in the Little Bear of the armiger’s Badge, and in the motto, “I arise in the Seven Stars [of the North].”The name of the Barony of Rachane, which is on the Rosneath Peninsula in Argyll, is derived from the old Gaelic “Rathain”, meaning “a ferny place”, thus the two ferns on the crest. The silver wolf, along with the Great Bear, represent the imperilled, spiritual, and mythical significance of these animal species, and of all such creatures generally.The rescue, caretaking, and support of injured, abandoned, and endangered animals, both domestic and wild, has been a lifelong commitment of the armiger and his wife. They are members of and contributors to many humanitarian societies and foundations, both within and without the United States, and desire to make the Barony of Rachane a principal vehicle for such benevolence.”From < to Daily Mail Article about High Profile woman missing, seen held captive at Crestline/Twin Peaks Scientology Base

The following are supportive disclosures that back up Christy’s accounts – he goes into some detail, so a warning for sensitive viewers. Christy says : “The Joshua Wilkes stuff is hard to read but INTEGRAL”:

joshua eric wilkes.head satanist for san bernardino

By: joshuaericwilkes

1 year ago

the castle story is true but the castle was rebuilt 10 or 20 times i know i burned it down and brought in bul dozers….many people have followed in my foot steps ownly to end up dead…over 100,000 people have been killed their a lot of them were satanist…i worked as a police officer with mike warnke who wrote a book in 1980 a blair witch book which ended comeing true…we used spells that back fired on all us…mike warnke was killed so we hired 10 look a likes to trick the satanist to thin khe wasnt dead…..i ask the newspaper owner to live to document anything that happend we video surveilanced the whole property then we built look a like castles…..but in the end the spells we casted the curses you read about in t he bible like jesus when he cursed the fig tree or jehovah when he cursed the king to eat grass we happening…..yes the videos still exist…even hilary clinton in the early 80s tryed to shut the castle down ….hilary clinton bought the property that where she started the yucaipa company …the us government told hilary clinto nand you can look this up if your in the white house you canoot speak to yucaipa company hilary clinton use to vist calimesa elementary school from 1984 until 1988 she knew i had still had memorys of mind control experiments that had gotten out of control ..the children in the experiments became very smart ..but all ended up crazy ..own one child survived ….she bought goats head bleow oak glen which was owned by charles mansion before he tried the mind control experiments… satanism is based off of mind control experiments satan or sayten say it ten times is based off a movie …i not sure what year the movie was hypnotic and the movie viewiers all ended up crazy…..ive killed over 10,000 satanist in redlands yucaipoa calimesa i was a satanist but found out the truth satan is a imaginary figure with the help of hypnosis and mind control you can hypnotise people to think hes real after satan we hypnotised million to believe in other enity which are a illusions……the hypnosis got out of control nobody could control even the new paper person was killed he family was killed …we payed for plastic surgery to act like he wasnt dead….every one from neil yound to grateful dead even the original members of tool pearl jam and soundgarden had bought the property trying to change the energy field ..that was created by hypnosis….all the members in those bands were killed and its on video….the bands were eplaced by look a likes a musicians who had plastic surgery ..even then those people were killed……the hypnosis spread thru mexico and down to brazil millions of people went to the place to see if they could stop the satanic hypnosis based off a movie character who neever existed….every one made up fake stories about the place…no one could stop the hypnosis ..known as the 13-11 experiments….or mkultra….like all curses the universe will twist the planets until the curse stop …i still work for the government and my whole life is based off these experiments i lost all my family members….every one in my satanic group has ended dead or in a hospital because of a hypnosis that you can say in your sleep…..the cabazon murders the nike people who cut their balls off were all my best friends who gratuated from harvard and yale could not conquer the hypnosis they all end up dead…. i still work for san bernardino police as a undercover….talk to sgt brwon who became sgt by killing over 100,000 satanist….once the satanist realized other satanist were being killed by our satanic group kill or be killed they left to other countries india australia…in fact saudi arabia wars 1989 the same satanist who were hypnotised all had sex changes help start those wars i went over and killed them ….over 10,000 i joined specail ops to hunt down these hypnotised people who could play a song or video and you were hypnotisedin seconds the roigianl david icke would stay on my property watching these hypnotised people david was killed in the late 90s we hired look a likes to epresent his mesaage….the truth will set you free has many sections in his book about false memory syndrome ..when david brought the word false memory up people aotmaticly went into a hypnosis……………666…….you see hypnotised people hcan hypnotise their masters….so the hypnosis is out of control unless you build immunity….as of 2009 i havent had to kill any one between 2004 and 2009 on big island i killed over 100,000 people satanist who mind control and non mind controled iwas parden by president george bush jr who has study the hyponosis for over 20 years as his family became hypnotised… ca nllok all of this up even jesse lavey was killed and replaced by government officials who didnt know how to handle this hypnosis… writer a good friend of mind david hatcher childress died trying to write a book a bout this hypnosis….the hypnosis becomes a curse…and  you can make your own spells any type of spell under hypnosis will work…….millions of people ryed to stop the hypnosis and died trying to the point that half the people in volved wont speak about it…i ve helped write movies like matrix and inception trying to expalin that as human being we still dont know how are mind works………..remeber al davis the original al davis who lost raider game on purpose and would bet 400 million every raider game became a trillionaire spent all his money trying to show people how to stop the hypnosis he shot himself on tv in the mid 90s we hired a government person payed for plastic surgery to have another al davis….thisa wasnt satan…..thiswas a hypnotic spell that the eypgts warned people about……ive seen over 1 million people die from the hypnosis ..mike warnke before he died explains in his book useing hypnotic words then changeing the spells …..the hypnotised dont understan the mayans knew the hypnosis will end as of december 25 2012 ”

From <>

“jesse lavey

By: jesselavey420

1 year ago

please look up all you can on false memory syndrome and be careful just the owrd false memorys would be back the hypnosis… joshua pointed out ..satan is a imaginaery figure made up during the hypnosis….we had all kinds of sprits from x men to aronold swarinegger that people were worshipping…at one point during the hypnosis joshua by age five could hypnotised the whole anaheim stadium to believe that satan the word never existed joshua could go in front of a whole crowd and ask have you ever herd of satan …no one over 100,000 people had never herd of satan……its a hypnosis ….that got out of control…..people were dying in the most stupid and brutal ways preganant woman new born baby were murderd by the smartest people who werent even satanist……joshua wrote books that he put fake dates on so satanist thought these books were written 1000 of years ago …but he wrote the book the day earlier…..joshua was only a satanist under the hynosi….but he was the worst ..satanist ever just to say the name joshua eric wilkes …king of the jews…..say that name and the worst spell curse would happen…..joshua had over a thousand girl friends from pamala anderson to cindy crawford all worked with joshua the hypnosis made him psychic…..once he saw the future he knew every ones move…..joshua was raped torutre even given a sex change over 30 times ….after he woke up out of the hypnosis his best friend al davis some say that was his dad before al davis commited suicide…and that was the thrid al davis i saw kill himself…evn the us government came on tv and said hilary clinton died …it was on video…..they brought look alikes because joshua was progressing in the hypnosis…..99percent of the time he talked about a universal sprit that created thing s that if you follow a certain code or set of rules this sprit who lived in the sun would show he call the spriut the hole vast j hole vah the og sprit……joshua knew who was psychic bet on over 40,000 sports agmes arpund the world from nfl to nba and he knew all the players before they became famous look up his name he graduated from yucaipa high school ….he says hilary clinton died years ago bill clinton wasnt even married to hilary it was a hypnosis…..if you showed joshua on tv every became hypnotised the word joshua cased hypnotism around the globe …..joshua said it got so choatic that they destroyed every book trying to find where the hypnosis was hideing ……when joshua woke up out of the hypnosis he tried to help the wanna be satanist..he didnt want to them he tried to save them in the end he killed over ten of children trying to help satanist world wide”

“joshua eric wilkes

By: joshuaericwilkes

1 year ago

what jesse said was true i asked jesse to step out of the hypnosis to see the truth …….that every one was hypnotised …i was rated the world greatest hypnosis ..other times the worst …as i convinced over 400 million people to kill them selves….it was horrible……any second you could go into 800 split personalitys…..with out any memory i worte a short story with stephen king who herd about me called strawberry spring based off the beatles song strawberry fields……satan tor down my music stage …god would help me create….satan would steal my music that god the universe help me write…..the universe would give me children satan would kill my childrenn satan a loser… zeciraiah 3;4 …..joshua was a high priest getting high off of weed every day joshua called himself a high satanist he could get high and knew all satanist trricks ….joshua stood next to satans right resist..him joshua knew the bible better then any one i was rated the worlds best bible scholor even the pope and dali lama offerd thier postions to joshua but joshua was under a hypnosis spell curse called mk ultra experiment 13 for m mary or maria …11 for your soul mate ….if you skip number 12 you skip the 12 tribes and they will come back to haunght you ….i joshua who have been hired as head of specail ops for united nations has flown to every country on the planet ..trying to stop or expose the hynosis ..the yucaipa class of 1997 all ended up dead from joshua hypnosis the government around the globe payed for plastic surgery to have these people look like thier still alive….type up george bush and jesse lavey type up yucaipa company and hilary clinton who i watched die in a horrible way….i saw over 400 hilary clintons die a look alikes trying to stop a hypnosis …watch the movie the one wit hjet li i wrote that movie and at the beginning i put the fbi warning september 17th 1977 warning one second later the words change ….thats how quick the hypnosis worked……i worked in holly wood trying to expalin the hypnosis any thing close to the hypnosi caused people to be hypnotised……..this isnt a joke this was for real their videos books documenterys explain how bad this got joshua could convince people to see ufos…..but once you hypnotize a person 85 percent of them never came back…..we would destroy their records under the hypnosis all their pitures were burned over 1 billion people dis appered famous people were hunted down like a game joshua was their for the faraklin nebraska trials and he hypnotised the jude every one george bush sr stayed away from joshua in got out of control jim keith dead book writer”

By: joshuaericwilkes

11 months ago

Some stories are chronicled in such books as Truddi Chase’s When Rabbit Howls (New York: Jove Books, 1987), James G. Friesen’s Uncovering the Mystery of MPD (San Bernardino, CA: Here’s Life Publishers, 1991), Robert S. Mayer’s Satan’s Children (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1991), Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder’s Michelle Remembers (New York: Congdon &amp; Lattes, 1980), Judith Spencer’s Suffer the Child (New York: Simon &amp; Schuster, 1989), and Lauren Stratford’s Satan’s Underground (Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1988; Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing co.,1991).

See, e.g., Friesen. A good reference in response to SRA stories is James T. Richardson, Joel Best, and David G. Bromley, The Satanism Scare (New York: Aldine de Gruyter, 1991).

Bob Larson, who hosts a nationally syndicated Christian radio talk show, claims that there are &quot;several hundreds of thousands&quot; of adults who &quot;remember&quot; such horrible abuse.

Some say that between 40,000 and 60,000 persons per year are ritually murdered (statisic attributed to Dr. Al Carlisle of the Utah State Prison System by Jerry Johnston [The Edge of Evil (Dallas: Word Books, 1989)] and others).

Whether the true believer uses the term conspiracy, a synonym such as &quot;infiltration&quot; (as Bob Larson uses), or no term at all, the assumption is the same.

Three notable cases where dozens of children were taken from their parents before there was any corroborative evidence to back up suspicions were in Bakersfield, California; Jordan, Minnesota; and in England.

The phenomenon of SRA reports is of relatively recent origin. The various aspects are often ambiguous, open-ended, and/or complex. In addition, most of the constructive professional dialogue on the subject has appeared in papers presented at conferences, articles in professional journals, and newspaper articles. Little has been discussed in book form. (see SRA Bibliography)

Space limitations preclude discussing a history of Satanism here. The reader is referred to Bob and Gretchen Passantino’s When the Devil Dares Your Kids (Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Publications, 1991), 34-38. A description and history of witchcraft is on pages 50-55.

Further information on on the types of contemporary Satanists is available in Craig Hawkins’s &quot;The Many Faces of Satanism,&quot; Foward, Fall 1986, 16-22.

For further information on this aspect of SRA development, see the journal Child Abuse and Neglect; Debbie Nathan, &quot;The Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax,&quot; The Village Voice, 12 June 1990, 36-44; Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield, &quot;Cur Allii, Prae Aliis? (Why Some, and Not Others?),&quot; Issues in Child Abuse Accusations3,3:178-93; Jeffrey Victor, &quot;The Satanic Cult Scare and Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse,&quot; Issues in Child Abuse Accusations 3,3:135-43; Wakefield and Underwager’s &quot;Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce and Custody Disputes,&quot; Behavioral Sciences and the LAW (in press); and Sherrill Mulhern, &quot;Ritual Abuse: Creating a Context for Belief,&quot; Laboratoire des Remeurs, Paris.

For further information on this subject, see John Johnson and Steve Padilla’s &quot;Satanism: Growing Concern – And Skepticism&quot; (Los Angeles Times, 23 April 1991) and Jeffrey Victor’s &quot;The Spread of Satanic-Cult Rumors&quot; (Skeptical Inquirer [14 Spring 1990]:287-91).

See Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham’s &lt; the for&gt; (New York): St. Martin’s Press, 1991), Joel Best’s &quot;Missing Children, Misleading Statistics&quot; (The Public Interest, 84-92), Lee Colemans’s &quot;False Allegations of Child Sexual abuse&quot; (Forum, January-February 1986, 12-22), and the journal Issues in Child Abuse Accusations.

For further information on this development in end times theology, see Gary DeMar’s Last Days Madness (Brentwood, TN: Wolgemuth and Hyatt, Publishers, 1991), especially chapters eight and nine.

Mike Warnke, The Satan Seller (Plainfield, NJ: Logos Books, 1972), 93, 116.

The vast majority of alleged adult survivors fit this general profile, although occasionally there are male vicims, younger women, ethnic minority members, and so forth.

See George Ganaway’s discussion of this in &quot;Historical versus Narrative Truth: Clarifying the Role of Exogenous Trauma in the Etiology of MPD and its Variants.&quot; Dissociation 2, 4:205-20.

See, e.g., Wakefield and Underwager, &quot;Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce and Custody Disputes.&quot;…

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Christy Angelle Tietje

… A fascinating study of this is in Martha Rogers’s &quot;Evaluating an Alleged Satanic Ritualistic Abuser: What We Don’t Know,&quot; Issues in Child Abuse Accusations 3:166-77.

Many details closely follow descriptions in Anton LaVay’s The Satanic Bible (New York: Avon Books, 1969), The Satan Seller, Michelle Remembers, and other popular books found in general bookstores. It sometimes is possible to follow particular details as they spread from one victim through a support group or therapist to other victims (see, e.g., “Victor’s & The Satanic Cult Scare,” 135-43).

In our three years of extensive research into SRA and alleged adult survivors, the fully well adult survivor is rare to nonexistent.

While it is true that questioning often begins with a general troubling complaint by a child such as “My teacher touched me funny,: that is not considered a disclosure of an SRA story.

See, e.g., Underwager and Wakefield’s Cur Allii, Prae Aliis”

Remeber, the individual or samll group engaging in criminal abuse is not indicative of SRA, in which widespread conspiracy is an essential part of the definition.

E.g., loner Satanist abuse, sexual fondling in a Roman Catholic confessional, or repeated nonreligious abuse in a prescribed manner, location, or sequence.

Kenneth V. Lanning, “Commentary on Ritual Abuse: A Law Enforcement View or Perspective,” Child Abuse and Neglect 15 (1991):171-73.

See article on Lauren Stratford’s Satan’s Underground entitled “Satan’s Sideshow,” issue 90,26-28.

This fallacy is discussed in our book Witch Hunt (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), 113-16.

Kenneth V. Lanning, “Satanic, Occult, Ritualistic Crime: A Law Enforcement Perspective,” The Police Chief, October 1989.

Coleman. See also Jerome Cramer’s, “Why Children Lie in Court,” Time, 4 March 1991, 76; Wakefield and Underwager’s “Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce and Custody Disputes” and Debbie Nathan’s “False Evidence: How Bad Science fueled the Hysteria over Child Abuse,” LA Weekly, 7-13 April 1989, 15-18.

Coleman, 12.

Reported in Diane S. Lund’s &quot;Psychiatrists Debate the Extent of Ritual Abuse,&quot; The Psychiatric TImes, April 1991, 54-55. Often true believers believe Braun’s Rule of Five is misrepresented. However, Braun confirmed his view essentially as stated in a phone interview with our frequent coauthor, Jon Trott.

See, e.g., Phillip Coon, &quot;Iatrogenic Factors in the Misdiagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder,&quot; Dissociation 2, 2:70-76; George Ganaway, &quot;Historical versus Narrative Truth,&quot; and Ganaway, &quot;Alternative Hypotheses Regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse Memories&quot; (presented at the ninety-ninth annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, 19 August 1991); Jon Trott, &quot;Satanic Panic: The Ingram Family and Other Victims of Hysteria in America,&quot; Cornerstone, issue 95,9-12; Ethan Watters, &quot;The Devil in Mr. Imgram,&quot; Mother Jones, July/August 1991, 30-68; and Glenna Whitley, &quot;The Seduction of Gloria Grady,&quot; D Magazine, October 1991, 45-71.

The best data on the use of hypnosis subtly directing client response is detailed in Nicholas Spanos et. al, &quot;Secondary Identity Enactments During Hypnotic Past-Life Regression: A Sociocognitive Perspective,&quot; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 61, 2:308-20.

Ganaway, &quot;Historical versus Narrative Truth.&quot;

Nicholas P. Spanos, John R. Weekes, and Lorne D. Bertrand, &quot;Multiple Personality: A Social Psychological Perspective,&quot; Journal of Abnormal Psychology 94, 3:362-76; and Spanos et. al, &quot;Secondary Identity Enactments.&quot;

The psychological aspects of the case are chronicled in Richard J. Ofshe’s &quot;Inadvertent Hypnosis During Interrogation: False Confession Due to Dissociative State; Mis-identified Multiple Personality and the Satanic Cult Hypothesis&quot; (Department of Sociology, University of California [Berkeley], in press). The entire case, now on appeal, is discussed in Trott, &quot;Satanic Panic,&quot; and Watters, &quot;The Devil in Mr. Ingram.&quot;

See Loftus and Ketcham; Beverly Beyette, &quot;Not-So-Total Recall,&quot; Los Angeles TImes, 10 September 1991; Pat Brennan, &quot;Bad Memories Can End Up in Court,&quot; Orange County Register, 24 March 1991; Lawrence W. Daly and J. Frank Pacificl, &quot;Opening the Doors to the Past: Decade Delayed Disclosure of Memories of Years Gone By,&quot; The Champion, December 1991, 43-47; and Irene Wielawski, &quot;Unlocking the Secrets of Memory,&quot; Los Angeles Times, 3 October 1991.

See Susan S. Brick and James A. Chu, &quot;The Simulation of Multiple Personalities: A Case Report.&quot; Psychotherapy 28 (Summer 1991):267-71; Cramer, &quot;Why Children Lie in Court&quot;; and Ganaway, &quot;Alternative Hypotheses Regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse Memories.&quot;

Philip M. Coons, &quot;Factitious Disorder (Munchausen Type) Involving Allegations of Ritual Satanic Abuse: A Case Report,&quot; Dissociation 3, 4:177-78.

U.S. Representative Paul Simon

undercover police officer

By: joshuaericwilkes

11 months ago


The Beaumont Children | Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay


Mar 29, 2011 &acirc;   The suspect in the Beaumont children case in 1966 and the ….. I think the well developed California highway system has something to do with it. ….. being 33 degree freemasons and children being used as satanic sex rituals.


Giving the Devil More than His Due


Entitled Satanism in America, the two-hundred-plus-page report is the result of a ….. and Detective Kurt Jackson of the Beaumont, California, Police Department.


Tracking Satanic Crime…n…/Tracking_Satanic_Chrime.shtml


&quot;Satanic cult leaders know that even though their philosophy is based on … &quot;Officer Mitch White of the Beaumont, California Police Dept. estimates that 95% of all …”

Giving the Devil More than His Due

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Christy Angelle Tietje

and the links go ON AND ON!!! SOOOO MANY REFERENCES!


Post  SFxSTONER on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:55 pm

When the Mormons built the logging roads up into the mountains, they found an area to have a weird effect… kinda like time sped up. This area is now known as the Valley Of Enchantment. After the first settlements were established up there, a girl was kidnapped by a cult (like some human sacrifice cult) and the Mormons hung several of them. I think I posted about Satan’s Castle on here a while back. Seems like all the weirdos are attracted to that particular area for some reason.


The other thing is if you try to talk to people about it, they won’t talk about it.




posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 07:37 AM


The Black Sun represents the turning of the Northern Constellation Ursa Major, it is the principle of the Sun in the Underworld of Celestial North, a variation upon the swastika.

The region was understood as the darkest, most base and formative aspect of the Heavens, but the pivot upon which the day rotated through the four quarters as well as marking out the four seasons of the year, the regeneration of the Sun being driven then by this principle.

As was noted Set’s paw was placed at Celestial North, and it was this rudimentary aspect of nature, or deepest level of the psyche, which was understood as having the drive toward self preservation and rebirth.

Well, it’s one of those things that you find a lot in Chinese cultural art forms; the hallmark of being near to something very old and authentic is that what appears to be a simple system at first, will unfold like a puzzle box to reveal profound insights in to not only the given art form, but the whole culture. One has to learn to look out for stuff like that, as teachers of Chinese martial arts are notoriously stingy and deceitful.

It has to do with turning, and change as well as fecundity and birth. Dou mu was called the “Dipper Mother”, she gave birth to the “seven stars” (think, Seven Star Praying Mantis) which make up Ursa Major. The ancient Chinese shaman would worship her with their circumambulations. The ideas that developed from that influenced their metaphysics and engineering (they are ever practical), which is probably why stuff like Taiji presents such a difficult paradox and is hard for most to grasp.

From <>

Christy’s Zero-Point Energy Work:


Youtube in her Uploads

Photo of the ZPEM with caption describing method to feel its quantum entanglement in real time is here