Bringing Chase Home 2 – with Dr Andrew Katelaris


Join Eilish De Avalon as she speaks with outspoken Medical Cannabis activist Dr Andrew Katelaris who has been working very closely with Chase Walker and his family. This interview follow’s Andrew’s arrest last week as he shares his story standing up for seriously ill patients who he administers Cannabis oil to.

Andrew chats about one of his very special patients who’s been in the media spotlight recently who was medically abducted after authorities became concerned about his rapid weight loss and his parents Cini and Marc, are still waiting to see their son.

Andrew reacts to the way Channel 7 portrayed the Chase story and what led to his arrest and the seizure of cannabis oil that was being prepared to go to seriously ill patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, severe pain and Parkinsons, amongst many ailments it is used for.

Andrew is bravely risking everything to continue his great work and the work of the Church of Ubuntu.

Chase is still in the hands of strangers, all alone and one can only imagine the pressure this is putting on his family.

Chase Walker Steven was stolen from his loving parents 9:30pm Friday the 19th of May 2017 for Newcastle NSW, we expect he may be still in the area…

Chase’s health rely’s on an organic plant based diet and we are extremely concerned that those that have him are feeding him genetically modified food that is toxic to his system along with the synthetic medicine that was responsible for the 100+ seizures that he used to experience every day…

If you would like to support Chase’s Mum Cini Walker and Dad Marc Alexander Steven you can do so here, this has put a huge financial strain on their family and they are living out of a suitcase: If you would like to donate to CHASING HOPE please feel free. Details are National Australia Bank Account- 393950209 BSB- 084 134

Watch the whole true story here:

Malcolm Turbull has turned his back so please sign the petition to get his attention:

Please use this image as your profile picture today, in honour of all medically and state kidnapped children and #Istandwithciniandmarc to #BringChasehome to the loving arms of his parents. Chase is non verbal, the only people in the world who Chase can communicate with is his loving parents…

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LIVE BLOG – The Chase Saga Continues – Medical Kidnapping in Australia – Information and Facebook Lives – Follow the Events Unfold

Here is the mainstream media story that opened a can of worms, and falsely accused the Walker family of starving their son Chase and the revelation of the CBD lab that got Andrew Katelaris arrested. Now the supply of Cannabis oil for seriously ill patients all relying on their medicine is in jeopardy.

In a surprise turn of events, the revelation of Dr Andrew Katelaris’ CBD lab in his cupboard on National TV (see link above) has led to his untimely arrest last week.

This is a hot topic for all Australians right now as advocates for CBD lobby for the right for seriously ill patients to receive oil for their ailments, alleviating symptoms such as seizures,  severe pain, and halting and reducing the growth of cancer.

Eilish De Avalon speaks with Dr Andrew Katelaris on her show We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Show airs 8 am – 10 am Tuesday June 7 AEST