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Artist David Dees
Artist David Dees


On this week’s show We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Hostess Eilish De Avalon meets with the man behind some of the most memorable political art amongst the Truther family.  Introducing Artist David Dees for the first time on CCN, Eilish chats to him about his latest artworks, his philosophies and what first motivated him in being one of the world’s leading political satire artists on the alternative scene.

Commercial artist, David Dees, began his career in the world of magazine and newspaper advertising illustration. Being an avid movie fan and dreams of designing Hollywood movie poster art, headed west to Los Angeles in the early 80s, developing an interesting array of acrylic airbrushing techniques from super-realism to wacky high energy cartooning Dees illustrated video and DVD covers, toy packaging, movie promo store displays, and children’s books, for the next 17 years, and included Paramount Studios, Warner Bros., Geffen Records, Hanna Barbera and Sesame Street Magazine as some of his favorite clients. A true turning event happened, when in 2003 Dees woke up to the scam of 9/11.



Lifelong patriotism shaken, his research into secret societies and government corruption reached a boiling point, and in 2006 Dees designed his first ever political illustration, an exciting new political activist art style was born. Using all the visual tricks he had learned from years in the movie and advertising illustration trade, the artist began creating a tirade of political and social commentary illustrations that literally exploded onto the internet 9/11 Truth scene. As they appeared in countless alternative news documentaries, blogs, and websites, the topical artworks circulated virally through the internet and today have gained a wide international audience.

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Latest art by David Dees

Like many creative souls, David survives on the sales of his art, please support independent artists, especially one like David who has contributed so much to the awakening of humanity through his art.

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Fantastic letters I receive everyday from folks who love the art, in
fact, here are several recent ones. Thanks for ordering my book and
appreciate your interest in my work. – dees

“Your work helped wake me up in 2008 when I already knew things were a
muck but couldn’t put my finger on it until you illustrated it out. I
credit you for breaking me out of the matrix mold. The level of respect
I hold for you in this regard is unsurpassed!” – Sarah
“O wow… NOW i remember you. You are the person whos art inspired me
6-7 years ago and i started loving it and waking up people with it and
myself.. i wanna Thank YOU!!! you made a big difference to me and i. The

-Violeta Vranjković

Thank you David. I’ve used your artwork to define this deluge of a
world, as well as what its done to destroy my near entire family, now
me. Keep up the great work. Everyone of substance would agree–you’re one
of the best artists on the Internet standing-up against this heinous
NWO. Same here. God bless. Lisa


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