Anonymous Founder Jeremy Martin’s urgent MAYDAY


Anonymous. We are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. Expect us.16176963_10154375338308224_1911784238_n16176255_10154375338453224_806369453_n

Anonymous Founder, Jeremy Martin has issued an urgent call for help from his secret Australian hide-out. As a targeted individual, whistle-blower and founding member of Anonymous from back in the beginning of their 4chan days when they were a budding collective of hackers, whistle-blowers and leakers, Jeremy has seen many of his fellow Anonymous comrades around the world imprisoned and sadly it’s no surprise that the establishment has now come after him.

For the past few years, Jeremy has been wrongfully accused of psychiatric ailments to keep him imprisoned in a psychiatric ward in Wyong New South Wales, run by a sadistic MK Ultra style nazi doctor George Sliwinski, who Jeremy says has forced him to undergo various torturous ordeals as well as taking up to 20 heavy psychiatric pills a day – simply for being a watchdog, whistle-blower and truth speaker.

As we research the background to Jeremy’s story, it starts to read like the ultimate horror movie script with evil doctors getting away literally with murder while imprisoning, torturing and poisoning the innocent.

The face of evil:,0.jpg

Here’s a Sliwinski court document and coverup:

In our interview Jeremy calls out Sliwinski as a killer, here’s the background story: 

ABC – Convicted killer working as a psychiatrist:

Sydney Morning Herald article:

Sydney Morning Herald article:

Psychwatch article:

Chelmsford scandal:

Chelmsford story:

Sliwinksi and Woolcock working together at Chelmsford:

James Woolcock, collaborator and fellow wife murderer:

James Woolcock court documents:,d.dGY

It’s happens because you allow it:

In this interview Jeremy shares his story, and reveals his very delicate vulnerable situation in which he was contemplating ending his life due to having no way out. He has escaped from the psychiatric facility and is now of delicate health due to the heavy medication which has poisoned his body and his mind and faces the very real prospect of homelessness or going back to the psychiatric ward which will continue to torture and force medicate him.

This is happening, right now, in New South Wales, Australia, at Wyong and Gosford ‘hospitals’:

Jeremy is not alone in his struggle, many other members of Anonymous have been arrested and charged, put in prison for long sentences – this is a complete life-destroying, credibility-destroying, health-destroying campaign to silence those watchdogs and whistle-blowers and Jeremy says if they come for him, then who is left to speak up for any of us?

Sadly Jeremy is estranged from his abusive family due to a broken childhood and although he has many international networks, he doesn’t have any options with which to continue his life outside of the psychiatric ward. He also risks losing all his material possessions in the world due to being unable to maintain his apartment, therefore keeping him in the forced imprisonment of the psychiatric institution loop indefinitely.

Jeremy’s friend Chase Tiller a friend of Jeremy’s of 10 years has set up a crowd-funding campaign to help Jeremy with his ongoing living expenses while he’s on the run so that he has accommodation, because he admits that he’s far too sick and in too much physical pain and discomfort due to the meds to survive on the streets. Link to crowdfunded is here

Jeremy is running out of time, money, options and time is of the crucial element here.

Chases has compiled Jeremy’s documents and much of the background story here:

16128923_10154375385178224_801062310_nHere is Jeremy’s life story in a tell-all movie:

Compilation sample of the harassment, framing and entrapment:

Facebook thread listing a lot of evidence and more details:

Movie Jeremy made explaining the Anonymous symbol:

Jeremy says: “Here’s the video where I supposedly attacked two men. This is the reason for eviction, kidnapping by psychiatry, and charges to put me in prison for life. They were outside my home with a knife attacking my property and telling me if I don’t come out and fight them they will slit me throat in my sleep with the front door key they stole from my car that they broke into and vandalised repeatedly. I gabbed his wrists as he was punching me, pinned him down and asked him to stop. I pushed the other man away several times as he was punching me, and that’s it. Now I am evicted and they aren’t, charged, tortured by psychiatry…”

16144557_10154375383668224_824888110_nApart from the appalling false diagnosis and forced medication, he is also facing court proceedings against him


16144633_10154375382158224_202150528_nHere’s Jeremy in his custom light suit and Anonymous mask, some of the many possessions he faces losing now as they try and dismantle his life



His harassment has been extreme, they’ve even taken away his phone. Below is an example of how Jeremy’s phone line keeps getting tapped and cut off by police:

If you can help in any way (free legal advice -he was denied Legal Aid, place to stay in New South Wales while he detoxes and rests from his forced medication, activism for human rights violations, cash donations to his crowdfunding, messages of support please contact CCN and we will forward the messages to Jeremy or you can contact him directly at his Facebook while he’s in between stable accommodation

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Just days after this was filmed, Jeremy was been taken in again by Wyong Psychiatric Hospital against his will forcible medicated since this interview was recorded, it is more imperative than ever that friends and supporters please help him out with donations and also appealing direct to the Wyong Psychiatric Hospital for an urgent release of Jeremy.