WAX LYRICAL | LEFT & RIGHT: Artificial mechanisms of division | 14 March 2018 @ 6pm GMT


WAX LYRICAL | LEFT & RIGHT: Artificial mechanisms of division | 14 March 2018 @ 6pm GMT – One of the most frustrating elements of society, is the incessant need to label and categorise people, and then judge then according to the preconceived concepts and ideologies we hold in relation to those labels than we brand people with in our minds.

Being an Independent Media Journalist has been the result of being able to think for myself, and make up my own mind.  This has always put me on the fringes of society, from the very time I was at school, right through to my present life experiences.  Even calling myself a Journalist makes me somewhat cringe inside, as it limits the idea that people have of who and what I am really all about.

The social tendency to label people in one direction or the other, is a phenomenon I have had to deal with in recent days.  The concept of being left, or right, liberal or conservative, or being extremist left, or Alt Right, or what ever, these categories are limiting and perspective controlling ideologies that do not serve us in any capacity other than to identify with the differences between us and our fellow human beings, instead of looking at how similar we all are.

My proposal, rather than falling into the trap of separatist identification, is to be NON IDENTITARIAN, which means, you are actively aware of the Globalist Agenda and how they are manipulating conflict in politics, media and society, and you refuse to feed it by subscribing to limiting and paradigm controlling labels such as LEFT or RIGHT.

Join me for a well needed WAX LYRICAL where I discuss many things including my recent investigations into Simon Roche, Suidlanders, Katie Hopkins, Lauren Southern and The Rebel Media.  We will be looking at the concept of controlled opposition, and I will discuss just how the white genocide in South Africa is being seized upon by covertly controlled Alt Right groups in order to push the Dark Agenda of the Globalists.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



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