UNRELENTANT |The con goes on | Kevin Annett Exposed… Again!

Con man Kevin Annett has been at it again in the wake of Covid 19, and like a true Disaster Opportunist, he never lets a good crisis go to waste.

Mel Ve and Tony Boutros talk to Dayna Furst and Carla Wilchuck about Kevin Annett’s latest ill fated attempt at convening a movement based on Common Law, via his various self styled long con platforms, the Republic of Kanata and Murder by Decree.

Dayna Furst and Carla Wilchuck are two more people on a long list going back many years, that have been sucked in by Kevin Annett.

Mel Ve and Tony Boutos have previously done several exposes on Kevin Annett, and there are many websites and online reference points from his many victims that expose Kevin Annett and his scam.

Kevin Annett Exposed – October 2020 – Mel Ve, Tony Boutros & Ryan Elson

Beware the Republic of Kanata – What happens to people who fall for the Kevin Annett con



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