Your Body of Emotions


Ahhhh the wonderful world of emotions…!

Love ’em or hate em’ (see what I did there ;)) they have, perhaps, the greatest influence over our Selves that we are consciously aware of as human beings.  Our emotional selves decide how the quality of our day goes, who we surround ourselves with, often what foods or drinks we consume, the quality of our social lives, how successful we are likely to be, how we interact with others…the list goes on!

It doesn’t take long for us to realise as human beings that emotions can hurt!  As babies we are born with emotional reflexes that enable us to to communicate – without vocabulary – our most basic of desires.  We’ve all seen it or experienced it – mother leaves the room for 2 seconds and baby begins to cry…mummy hands baby over to Grandparent and baby begins to cry… mum gently prises vice like grip of child off her leg before heading out to work and child begins to cry…!  Emotions are strong rushes of energy that invoke a response to a situation we perceive as being either positive or detrimental to our well being… and they can be all consuming!

But it doesn’t stop there.  Our physical bodies are also directly affected by the emotions we feel and particularly whether we process them or not.  As I delve deeper into the ways emotions can affect us physically and what those effects look like I begin to wonder… how closely linked are our emotional selves and our physical selves?  Do the incredible results in the science of Epigenetics hold the key to some of the most prevalent diseases on the planet?  Could THIS be connected to the rise in mental health issues that the world is experiencing?


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