WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 23 January 2017 @ 9pm GMT


WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 23 January 2017 @ 9pm GMT – Join me Mel Ve for this week’s WAX LYRICAL, where I will be candidly discussing some of the issues currently plaguing the awake and aware movement.

I delve into pseudo spiritual fraud, and the marketing thereof to create one’s external locus of identity.  This is a common tactic for those wishing to sell books, courses or other paraphernalia to the soul sick and vulnerable.

I also take time to look at the various global initiatives which are asking for public funding.  We discuss the viability and value to the greater good, as well as being realistic as to what creates a better world, and what just feeds back into the same old problems.

I will also be talking about the power of words and labels, and how they are used to manipulate people into believing in certain views and ideologies, when in fact, they are not beneficial for humanity.

And of course I will be discussing Michael Tellinger, and the most recent allegations against him, in a long list and checkered past, which I have personally investigated and exposed on many occasions


I will also be talking about the illusion of politics, and how anybody claiming that they can do good or change the world via politics, is a total puppet of the dark agenda. This applies to both Tellinger and Trump.

Lots to cover off in this week’s WAX LYRICAL, so do tune in to CCN