Universal Laws: How to effect change with the Universe on your side



This week I’m following on from my thread on Emotions and how they manifest in your physical self by looking at the 7 Universal Laws and 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe.  In my research over the past week I’ve been looking at the tools, the irrefutable, systemic laws of the Universe that we can use to help manage our lives when we feel most out of control, giving us the opportunity to process our thoughts and emotions differently and see the world as it truly is in spite of our adjusted perceptions.

Life is crazy, unpredictable, joyous, sorrowful at times – but never boring! Or at least it shouldn’t be!  Negative clutter in our minds from social, cultural and educational conditioning (to name just a few!) can lead us into all sorts of misconceptions about our reality… time to find out how to use the fundamental laws of our Universe in its awe inspiring subtlety to raise our vibration and make this life the best it can be.