Tom Miller – ‘ethereum’, the evolution of the internet


November 23/2015 1am GMT

What is the future of the internet?

*Alphabet agencies data mining, spying and generally invading our privacy every time we turn our computers and devices on (or even when they are off)
*Censorship of the internet via the compliant ‘google’monster
*NWO agenda for centralisation of information and control

The above are just a sample of the current concerns we have for the internet, where will all lead?

It seems it is leading to a revolution, a backlash even. Please join me for a fascinating talk with Tome Miller on the exciting developmen to be released on the world before xmas. This is a HUGE game changer for us all.

About Tom: For Tom being alive means designing your life my choice, and not feeling trapped by finances or corporate bosses sucking your life away. How is it, living in a world with an abundance of technology we still have a third of the planet wondering where they are going to get their next meal from? His mission is to wake people up to the unlimited choices we have as individuals and allow them to see the solutions to the world’s problems, through a new type of decentralisation technology made possible by the internet and at the same time awakening the human spirit we all have inside.

Biomedical Engineer/Decentralisation Consultant

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