This Happy Guru – An intro to Holistic Happiness Coaching


Tonight I look at happiness and specifically my business as a Holistic Happiness Coach.

I LOVE what I do.  I love that my life story; the years I took searching for, researching, applying and experiencing my own healing can now be used to help guide other people to change the things they don’t see working for them and heal themselves, providing resource, encouragement and holding space for others to handle changing what is not working in their lives.

I often get asked what exactly it is that I do and how I work so tonight I thought I’d address those questions and talk about what it’s like working with a coach, how my coaching system works and what it  means for my clients when they identify the things that are holding them back and how they rewrite their lives once they clear these blocks.

If you have any questions please be sure to write in and ask 🙂 I’ll be broadcasting LIVE from 9pm.