The World of EMFs we live in


If you don’t know what EMFs are, you should.  Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are physical fields which are caused by electrically charged objects. They’re called electromagnetic because of the properties they contain which are both magnetic and electric. The world we live in today is balls deep in electricity.  Pretty much the whole world has been covered with electromagnetic fields built up by all the electrical goods we use, the mobile phone, tablets, laptops and PCs we use and now most recently – especially here in the UK – the advent of “Smart” meters, but what does that mean to our health as Energy beings? How are we being affected by these invisible frequencies and how are all these fields affecting our planet and all the living things on it?

Electricity is Energy. WiFi, Bluetooth… we’re surrounded by it all.  Each electronic device uses its own frequency to communicate and like attracts like.. so what are the harmful frequencies and what sort of harm are we talking?  When do we start talking radioactive?

This subject has been under scientific research for for 60 years.  Insurance and reinsurance companies won’t cover any health issues that may stem from prolonged use of devices with radio active frequencies – they bombed out of any further research over 15 years ago seemingly happy enough with the conclusions that they could make a decision that would protect their integrity and profit margin. So who IS fighting our corner when it comes to the safety of our devices  and what are they telling us?

This week I’ve been engaged in the worldwide EMF Health Summit lead by Lloyd Burrell who discovered through personal experience how digital toxins affect our health and who has brought together scientists and natural healers from all over the world to enlighten our awareness of this invisible epidemic.  Tonight on This Happy Guru I offer my understanding of all I’ve learnt.