What most people do not realize about our present day CULTure, is that most of what we engage in in terms of interests, hobbies and holidays, are largely rooted in CULT RITUALISM. In fact, many of the activities we engage in supposedly for fun, actually have CULT RITUAL origins, often with symbolic elements, which allude to SACRIFICE.


Everybody loves the holidays. For kids, it means time off from school, and for some lucky adults, it means time off work. What most people do not realize is that any excitement for holidays only proves that you are a slave to the CULT driven social construct, which revolves around a ritualistic solar cycle. Holidays are nothing but false hope designed to distract people from noticing the control structure oppressing them. But they are also much more than that, and to illustrate my point, I reference to two most commonly known holidays being Christmas and Easter. The word ‘holiday’ stems from ‘HOLY day’, which makes sense as Christmas and Easter are both supposedly Christian Holidays, but not really. The origins of Christmas and Easter have roots that are older than Christianity, and are in fact rooted in sun worshipping religions / CULTS that go all the way back to ancient Egypt. Like many major solar cults, they involve sacrifice or symbolic representations of it. For examples of this, we shall look at the origins of Easter.

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Many say that the word Easter is etymologically cognizant with Ishtar, the Babylonian Mother Goddess archetype that turns up in all major religions of the past and present under different names, such as the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis, the Sumerian Mother Goddess known as Inanna, the Semitic Mother Goddess known as Astarte, and of course the commonly known being the Catholic Mother Goddess Virgin Mary. However the most obvious etymological origin of Easter comes from the word ‘Eostre’ or ‘Ostara’, being a Germanic Mother Goddess type deity.

Like pagan HOLY days, Easter is linked with the solar calendar, and happens once every year around equinox to mark the lengthening of days and the beginning of spring which is representative of fertility, birth, resurrection and new beginnings. This is played out in Christian mythology, which attributes Easter to the resurrection stories of Jesus.

One of the lesser known facts about the Easter icon commonly references as the Easter Bunny, is the true reason for the inclusion of this symbol as part of this solar cult ritual tradition known as Easter. Much like the Christmas icon Santa Clause, the Easter Hare of Germanic origins, originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behavior. Much like Santa Clause supposedly brings presents, so to does the Easter Bunny bring Easter Eggs.

The Easter Bunny is actually representative of a CULT RITUAL SACRIFICE, which is indeed far from the common understanding of this symbolic aspect pertaining to Easter. We look at the etymology to get a proper understanding of this.

The Easter Bunny or Easter Hare, is a folkloric figure which supposedly brings Easter Eggs, but in effect is actually an etymological allegory that represents the sacrifice of the first fruits of spring, or the First Born child.  First Fruits are a religious offering of the first agricultural produce of the harvest. In classical Greek, Roman, Hebrew and Christian religions, the first fruits were given to priests to offer to God.


The firstborn child is usually known as the HEIR, which is etymologically cognizant with the word HARE and HAIR. The significance of HAIR pertaining to sacrifice is illustrated in the depiction of Father Time and the Weeping Virgin, where Father Time appears to be cutting the Virgin’s HAIR, which is symbolic of a SACRIFICE.  This depiction of Father Time and the Weeping Virgin turns up in Freemasonry, and is evidence of the sacrificial CULT nature of the Freemasons.


The EGG is also a very interesting symbol of Easter, as it too has very old CULT RITUAL significance. The egg of course symbolises fertility, birth, death and the cycle of life, which is inextricably linked with the solar cycle.

To get an in depth grasp of this entire subject matter, please feel free to watch my series called DRAGONOLOGY, which gives much in depth evidence and illustrations to the points I shall be demonstrating.



We thank you for taking an interest in finding out the truth.  It may be hard to deal with the fact that our entire lives revolve around CULT BASED RITUALISM, but this is indeed the case.

Time to quit your cult.


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Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve