As a seeker and communicator of truth and controversy, I was at some point, bound to come up against those who though I was crazy for speaking openly and honestly about that which most people just ignore.  The key to functioning effectively in the role of Alternative Media Journalist, is not to be emotionally attached to an outcome, because in so doing, it is like saying that the only acceptable outcome, is a good outcome where everybody agrees.  To be honest, I am not overly concerned about how people perceive the information that I put out, or what they think of me as a result.  Once I have communicated the information that I have, how it is perceived  and processed by others, is no concern of mine, that is purely their choice and their right to excersize their free will to do as they please with this information.  They may choose to learn from it, and pass it on to others; they may choose to be afraid of it, and thus retard their spiritual growth with fear, or they may choose to ignore it, or mock it as mere “conspiracy theories”.  I respect what ever choice they make, as my duty is to experience, learn and communicate information that I believe is freeing and empowering; the duty of others who take time to go through the information I diseminate, is to learn the truth for themselves, and I do my best to assist in this process.  My duty is fulfilled whether or not others have chosen to learn, or to criticise.  I always respect people’s free will, what ever they may choose to do, and have no emotional attachment to their chosen perspectives or mental processes.  Ultimately, they will have to experience the reality they create for themselves by the choices they make.  I am certainly not standing on a soap box saying “I have all the answers! Listen to me”, as we have enough of those folk running around.  Indeed, I am very honest about just how much I do not know, because what we have been taught by those institutions we have trusted, is utter lies and non-sense.  To much evidence exists which makes what we currently know, obselete.  It is important always to realise, that it is not about “who is right”, it is about “what is right.”  I have found that by dropping the ego, and maintaining this fundamental orientation, that I have been guided to the truth, which makes much more sense than the illusory world created for us by main stream media, education, religion and politics.

“Let nobody laugh when we talk about conspiracy theories.  In fact, there is something that all of us must stop doing immediately, and that is to stop calling it ‘conspiracy theory’.  Theories do not murder innocent children.  Theories do not put multiple murderers into power in countries.  Theories are just ideas floating in the air.

The conspiracy is real.  It is there…. and it kills.”

Dr Credo Mutwa – Zulu Sangoma, official keeper of the story of the African people

Even though I live in Europe and love it, I am an extremely passionate South African, and determined and bound to get more attention focused on what is happening on the beloved red soils of Africa.  Africa has always been a testing ground for international politics, and many of the same structures and institutions can be seen in Europe and America, already in place in Africa, so it is important that we look at Africa and recognised what is being repeated elsewhere!

My sincerest regrets to those of you who voted in the last South African general elections whilst thinking that they were influencing the policy of government by choosing (new masters) new government, but the South African government makes no real decisions on what happens in South Africa, and therefore, it does not matter who you vote for, because both Zille and Zuma are just puppets who are put there to keep you distracted with the illusion that politics actually has anything to do with how a country is run.  I am sure this is no surprise to those of you who are wondering how the hell Jacob Zuma can run the country with only a primary school education, as clearly there seems to be a greater power behind the scenes… and there is.

Much like America has the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and much like the United Kingdom has the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), so to does South Africa have a secret government that is steering the course of South Africa’s destiny.

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) is based at the University of the Witwatersrand, more commonly refered to as Wits University.  These institutions masquerade as “think tanks”, whilst recieving massive funding from private corporations and the World Bank.  The Deputy Chairman of the SAIIA is Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of the former South African President (puppet) and Papal (Vatican controlled puppet) Knight, Thabo Mbeki**.

Many such institutes that secretly govern global affairs are situated at Universities.  I recently made the trip to Leiden University in search of the Bilderberg Group, who’s meetings on global government, are secretive.  The Bilderberg Group have “unofficial” head quaters on the University of Leiden Campus, as well as being registered at the Leiden City Hall, however when I asked at the Information Desk, they told me that such an organisation did not exist.  I was at the time trying to get myself an invitation to the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting at St Morits in Switerland, however I was unsuccessful in this endevour.

The Rhodes Institute at Oxford University is closely linked with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and was named after it’s founder, Cecil John Rhodes, after whom Rhodesia was also named before becoming Zimbabwe.  Rhodes was a major front man for the Vatican in their persuit of certain economic policies that would one day lead to the implementation of a the African Union, which would then be followed by the one world government under the Vatican.  It is no accident that world leaders often are Rhodes scholars, Bill Clinton being one of them.

On the 25 January 2011, what at first appeared like a genuine uprising by the peoples of Egypt, turned out to be an orchestrated coup by American forces all orchestrated by the Vatican run CIA.  Millions of protestors from various socio ethnic backgrounds demanded the overthrow of the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  Despite being predominantly peaceful in nature, the revolution was not without violent clashes between security forces and protesters.  This followed hot on the heals of the Tunisian Revolution that saw the overthrough of the long-time Tunisian president.

On 11 February 2011, after weeks of protest, Mubarak resigned from office.

However, having trawled through all the footage on You Tube, there do appear to be many reports on the ground of American made tear gas and ammunition being given to citizens.  Further reports surfaced that shows that the “order” to over throw of Mubarak came from outside Egypt, and was not as it at first seemed, an uprising of the people.  Indeed, the Vatican headed control the fundamentalist Muslim Political Party that ran Egypt.  The Vatican controls the Islamic and it’s extremist terrorist groups to this very day, having in the past, slaughtered millions of Muslims in the Crusades, when the faith became too powerful and seemed to slip from Vatican control.

The very same orchestrated uprisings seems to have happened in Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria and Libya.  What at first appears to be genuine civilian uprisings from within the country,  is actually being fuelled with weapons, and small groups of locals are being trained to use these weapons by United States Military, in order to stage uprisings.  And thus, these are not spontaneous uprisings of disgruntled citizens who are fighting for their liberties, they are efforts fuelled by social media, which has led to a Coups, plain and simple, orchestrated by the New World Order in order to start consolidating power as we move towards a facist One World Government with all power excersized from the Vatican.  This has been done historically through it’s various Papal Orders including the Illuminati, Papal knights, fraternal organisations such as the Yale University based Skull and Bones, round table organisations such as the CFR, the RIIA, and the SAIIA.  Then of course there are the tiers of fake government who have absolutely no power, other than to keep the public hypnotised and focused on the illusion of democracy, so that we do not stop paying our taxes.  The bottom line is that our taxes pay for the bullets and bombs that kill people in wars, and we need to think very carefully if we are doing the right thing, because the choice we are promised for paying them, does not exist.  The reality is that our taxes are being used for the destruction of lives and the planet, not the enhancement of our lives, as we are led to believe.  Country leaders are not elected, they are selected.  Democracy is nothing more than a multi party dictatorship.

What concerns me the most, and has done for some time now, is the situation unfolding in Libya, which is the fourth largest country in Africa, and 17th largest in the world.  The main stream media have  already got the spin out calling it a “civil war”, but it is hardly that at all.  The opposition forces to Gadaffi where armed and trained by CIA and American forces.  This is an invastion to overthrow a Gadaffi who has been the ruler of Libya since he over threw King Idris I in a peaceful coup.

It is important to understand the history of King Idris, to know why his overthrow was so significant.

King Idris I of Libya was the grand son of the first Grand Master of the Sanussi Lodge.  The Sanussi or Senussi Order, refers to a Muslim political-religious order founded in Mecca in 1837 by the first Grand Master Sanussi,  Sayyid Muhammed ibn Ali as-Senussi.  He was what was commonly known as a Marabout, who established this secret order which he named after himself.  As  Islam is a creation of the Catholic Church*, the Islamic faith had a cult of saints, much like the Roman Catholics, within the various orders.  The Marabouts were the equivalent of Islamic saints, and were known as  mystics and seers, who  had traditionally acted as arbitrators in tribal disputes, and when ever authority of government waned in a particular area, the Islamic people of North Africa turned to the Marabouts for spiritual guidance and political leadership.  In much the same way as the Roman Catholic Saint, Francis of Assissi, negotiated the peace between the Muslims and the Catholics that marked the “official” (the Crusades never really ended) ending of the Crusades.

Sayyid Muhammed ibn Ali as-Senussi possessed both the popular prestige of a Marabout, and as a religious scholar, not to mention the fact that he was a direct decendant of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed, which pretty much made him Islamic royalty, not to mention making it very likely that he is decendant from one of the Illuminati ruling blood lines.  The Prophet Mohammed was married to a devout Roman Catholic, who mentored him under instruction from the Vatican

Senussi was disturbed by the division and dissention within Islam, and believed that only a return to the purity of early Islam, and it’s insistance on austerity in faith and morals, could restore the religion to it’s rightful glory.  On the basis of his perceptions of the states and needs of Islam, Sanussi organised a religious order, founding a lodge in Mecca in 1837.  The Sanussi order was in fact a closed secret society within Islam that controlled the religion and funnelled it’s followers and desendants into positions of power… sound familiar?

And it was in this way that King Idris I became King of Libya due to his bloodline, which is a familiar story to followers of this information.

Increased concerntration of the world’s wealth went into the hands of King Idris following the  discovery of significant oil reserves in 1959, and the subsequent income from pretroleum sales.  This made the United Kingdom of Libya one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  As the country got wealthier, discontentment grew over the conditions of the mass whilst the King sat on the countries wealth.

This is where the history of Libya under Muammar al-Gaddafi begins. Colonel Gaddafi, as he is better known, became the first de facto leader of the country on 1 September 1969 after leading a group of young Libyan military officers against King Idris.  They seized control of the Libyan government, and within 2 hours abolished the Libyan Monarchy in a totally non violent coup, where nobody died or was injured.

Although Gaddafi is given a relatively negative image by the main stream media, and has been blamed for various terrorist attrocities around the world including the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, my personal view point is that most of it was just propoganda to make him appear worse than he is in order to justify stikes against him.  An example of this deliberate, slandering  on the 22 February 2011, during the Libyan protests when the ex Minister of Justice Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil stated in an interview with the Swedish Newspaper Expressen, that Gaddafi had personally ordered the Lockerbie Bombing.  However, too much evidence exists that proves that the the Lockerbie Bombing was ordered and orchestrated by the CIA, not Gaddafi.

The first thing of importance that strikes me was the date of the bombing, being 21 December 1988.  The 21 December is Solstice, which is a day that is traditionally celebrated in pagan and occult celebrations, often marked with a blood sacrifice, which the Lockerbie Bombing clearly was.

The second bit of evidence to consider was that several Muslim extremist groups claimed responsiblity for the bombings immediately afterwards.  This is exactly what happened after 9/11, and it is commonly known to researchers of this information, that Islamic extremist groups such as the fictional Al Qaida, is nothing more than a CIA trained and funded Muslim Terrorist cell who work in collaboration with the CIA to facilitate false flag operations under instruction from the Vatican.  The Vatican, who created Islam, also control the international intelligence community including the CIA through the Knights of Malta, which means that the CIA and the supposed Islamic Terrorists, are most likey working together in secret, as they secretly serve the same masters which is the Vatican.

The second bit of evidence that the CIA were to blame for the Lockerbie Bombing, comes from a film which is most aptly named The Maltese Double Cross, which very cleverly in it’s title, exposes several things:

Firstly, the reference to the “Maltese Cross”, is a reference to the Knights of Malta.

Well according to Edith Simon who wrote The Knights of the Maltese Cross in 1961:

“These knights of the Papal Caesar, control the Banking, Industry and Military Complexes of the world.  They oversee Chase Manhattan Bank with branches in Moscow and New York.  They rule the International Intelligence Community, the KGB in the East and the CIA in the West.”

Very cleverly the title of the film is telling us that the CIA were responsible for the bombing, and not only that, the title of the film is also telling us who the ultimate power brokers are.

The odd thing about this film is that it was financed by Hemar Industries, a company owned by Tiny Roland, the owner of the Lonrho Company, and former Hitler Youth, which means he would have been controlled by the Vatican, and thus the film would have presented a conflict of interest in it’s very title alone.  Tiny Rowland is an interesting character, and his name will come up later when we get onto Credo Mutwa’s account of the real history of South Africa.  This documentary film funded by Roland, disputes the conclusion reached by the official investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, instead advancing the theory that the bomb was introduced onto the aircraft by an unwitting drug mule named Khaled Jaffar, in what the film maker Allan Francovich claims is a CIA protected suitcase.

Besides the title, the most interesting thing to note about this film is that it quotes it’s financier, Tiny Rowland, as disclosing information that was given to him by Pik Botha who was South Africa’s Foreign Affairs Minister at the time.  Pik Botha is South Africa’s very own Henry Kissinger, being a very high ranking covert operative in secretive international politics, as he was in contact and working with the CIA, the British Secret Service, Mossad, and perhaps some other organisations, whilst serving as South Africa’s Foreign Minister.  Pik Botha told Tiny Rowland that he and 22 other South African delegates were going to New York to sign the tripartite agreement whereby South Africa agreed to hand over control of Namibia to the United Nations for the Namibian “Independence Ratification Ceremony”, which was really just Pik Botha handing Namibia over to, what would eventually become, the New World Order.  They were all booked on the Pan Am flight 103.   Prior to the flight, Pik Botha disclosed to Tiny Rowland that, they were given a warning from a source that could not be ignored.

Could it have been the CIA that warned Pik Botha not to get on that plane?

It would make sense considering Pik Botha was one of their agents who served them on all fronts.  He was also on the way to hand over another country to the United Nations, which is an organisation set up to consolidate power into the New World Order.  Of course the Powers that Be would not want to loose Pik Botha, as he was instrumental in the process of the hand over of Namibia, so naturally it would be in their best interest to warn Pik Botha not to get on that plane that they knew was going to blow up, because they had planted the bomb.  And thus, Pik Botha recieved a warning, most likely from his CIA contacts, as they still had use for him, and would have known ahead of time that the plane was going to blow up, as they had in fact orchestrated the Lockerbie Bombing.

Along with the 270 other passengers and crew who were sent to their deaths by the CIA (Vatican), it is interesting to note that amoung them was the  UN commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlson who was also attending handing over of Namibia to United Nations (New World Order) under the pretences of “independance”.

Many reports have surfaced that there were five CIA operatives on the Pan Am flight 103 that claimed the lives of 270 people.  It is very likely that one or more of these men were also targeted by being deliberately booked on the plane.  Plane crashes are a common method of disposing of high ranking or high profile people that get in the way of the Powers that Be.  The number one cause of unnatural death for a head of state is statistically a is assassination by plane or car crash.  The former President of Mosambique Samora Machel, died in a plane crash.  His widow, a divout Roman Catholic by the name of Graca Machel, is now married to Nelson Mandela, who is a Papal Knight**, with more Vatican Knighthoods than any other man in Africa, including the Order of the Seraphim (link below)

This Knighthood crest shows the IHS (Isis Horus Set, the Egyptian Holy Trinity common with Panthiestic Pagan worship) on it’s crest.

Now coming back to Muamar Gadaffi, the reality is that Gadaffi did not order the Lockerbie Bombing, and indeed made great strides in terms of looking after the citizens of Libya, who had been used to living in poverty.  This came a long way from the days of King Idris, who has shared none of the countries wealth with his subjects.  Gadaffi may not have been perfect, and indeed, he may have come across as a dictator, having maintained control of Libya for 42 years without democratic elections, but as I have always said, democracy is an illusion anyway.  What needs to be considered when weighing up the judgement on Gadaffi, is the day to day life of the citizens of Libya.

The following example demonstrate the life of the average citizen in Libya under Gadaffi.

Firstly, the Gross Domestic Product per capita comes out at $ 14 192;

Unemployment benefits per person per month $730;

Each family member subsidised by the state gets $1000 annually;

Every new born is paid $7000 into their own bank account;

Newly wed bride and groom recieves $64 000 to purchase an appartment;

For those wanting to open a new business, there is a no discrimination or condition, one time financial assitance amount to open a new business to the value of  $20 000;

Education and medicines are free;

Major taxes and levies prohibited in Libya;

Government pays for education internships abroad;

Special stores are provided for large families with proportionally representative prices for basic food stuffs;

All pharmacies have a section allocated for for free dispensing of medication;

All bank loans for purchasing property and cars are interest free;

Real estate services are prohibited;

The Libyan government pays for up to 50% of car purchase;

Electricity is Free for all, and

Petrol is cheaper than water.

But the most important aspect of all of this is to understand is that Libya owe no money to the International Monetary Fund.  Unlike almost every other country on the planet, Gadaffi has managed to keep Libya out of the hands of the international money manipulators, and for this I absolutely respect him.  He has managed to do what no other country in Africa has managed to do, and thus it is pretty obvious he has never sold his people out the way Mandela sold out the people of South Africa.

April 2011, American forces began attacking Libya under the pretences of protecting civilians, but so far they have killed almost 1000 civilians, most of Gadaffi’s family, and many of us are left wondering, how the hell can the orchestrating powers of this strike, think the human race are going to believe the fact that this is about protecting civilians, when all they have done is kill them?

To most people, it is obvious that Libya would be a target because of it’s oil, but I am convinced that the intervention in Libya is all about Gadaffi’s plans to introduce the Gold Dinar, a single African currency made from gold, which would result in a true sharing of wealth in the rest of Africa, like it has been in Libya.  The first thing that the Libyan rebel troops did in Libya, was to establish a Reserve Bank.  Does this not seem strange?  How about establishing a government first.  In this act, it is very obvious who the people behind the invastion of Libya are, and what their intention are.

News that Libya also suffered an Earth Quake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale, came as absolutely no surprise, and indeed, the powers that be are being blatantly obvious that they are using HAARP as a weapon of war to create Earthquakes in order to bring countries to ruins.  No folks, it is not just a co-incidence, just look at what happened in Chile.   An Earthquake of a similar magnitude hit Japan earlier on this year causing much devastation and loss which is continuing.  If anybody follows Project Camelot Interviewee, Benjamin Fulford’s blog, many may be aware that Japanese Secret Society of the White Dragon, has been opposing the advancement of the plans for some time now.  This is the most likely reason Japan was targeted, much like Libya, they were desperate to break away from the clutches of the Dark Regime.

In my humble opinion, the Gold Dinar would have been the best answer to getting Africa truly on it’s feet, and perminently out of poverty.  At the moment, most of Africa’s wealth goes into the hands of a very few, with the Vatican at the very top.  Gadaffi’s vision for Africa was to see every country in Africa being able to provide the same infrastructure as Libya had, where every single person is looked after and given a fair chance to get ahead in life, without the having to fear for basic daily survival.

As it stands at the moment, Africa will have a single currency by the year 2020, in the form of the “Afro”.  The Afro, much like the Euro, will be the official currency of the African Union, which is much like the European Union.  This currency will be controlled by the African Central Bank which will have the power to regulate interest, and increase or decrease the amount of money in circulation***.  This is a currency based on debt, as all money circulating in Africa will be based on debt, much like it is now, only operating from a central point under a single currency.  This bank will not belong to any country or government in Africa, but much like the American Federal Reserve Bank, and the South African Reserve Bank, it will be owned by the same small gang of international banking criminal elite who fund coups and assassinations, fund both sides of wars, and start wars with the primary motivation of making money on weaponry and armaments, and rebuilding countries they destroy, whilst stealing their resources, followed by the systematic re writing history to make their acts appear as if they were great deeds performed in the name of Queen and Country, or religion, or the more contemporary excuses such as, human rights, or looking for dead terrorists that actually worked for them.  And yes, I am referencing Osama Bin Laden.  The American Military tore up half of Afghanistan looking a CIA trained Muslim, who was their own agent, whose family lived next to CIA headquaters in Falls Church, Virginia, and yet he was paraded as a public enemy in order to create an excuse to invade Afghanistand and Iraq.

If South Africa, and indeed Africa is ever to be free of these crazy psychopaths, we need to establish an independant debt free currency.  Both Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy made attepts to introduce an independant debt free currency to America, and they were both assassinated, and that is what they were trying to do to Gadaffi.

Dr Credo Mutwa is the best source of information I have come across as to the real history of Africa, as even the earliest tales are stooped in mythical creatures with magical abilities.  Dr Mutwa says:

“A great fraud is being commited in educational circles, in that, the educationists in their ivory towers, force our young people, to look at colonisation of Africa and America, as if they were two separate unrelated occurances.  But certain factors in this colonisation were the same in African and in America, and they achieved the same results.  This is why, I always argue that the international conspiracy, began long before colonial times in Africa and in the Americas, and the results were the same.

There were these creatures in Africa, which used to hop around and disappear into the ground, as if by magic.  These creatures were called Monopods by the Portuguese sailors.  They wore a long robe that reached down to their ankles and they appeared, as they moved throught he bush, that they only had one leg, as they glided so smoothly. Monopods were seen in Africa and America before they were colonised by the white people.  The story of America and the story of Africa, was the same.  It is said that these Monopods introduced certain knowledge to our people, and actually prepared out people mentally for what was to come.  These monopods or “Beasts of the terrible blanket” as  they were known to us, used to wear a cross like ornament on their chest as a charm, a cross made of either gold or silver.

Doen’t it amaze you, that when the native Americans saw the cross on the sails of Christopher Columbus’s ships, they recognised it as a sacred object?

Exactly the same thing happened in South Africa.  Our people were made familiar with the cross, long before the white man set foot in Africa.  When our people saw this cross, this time bought by missionaries, they recognised it as a sacred object.  In other words, our people were prepared long before hand, to recognise, certain Christian and Judaic symbols as holy.  When our people saw these symbols in the hands of the colonies later, they knew what they were.  This is why Africans accepted and protected Christian missionaries, even while fighting a life and death struggle against white colonialism.  How is it, that a man would accept the religion with an invader, while at the same time, fighting a life and death battle, against the encroachments being made into his native land?

The source of this acceptance was the same.

This happened in America and it happened in Africa.

The great Zulu King named Shaka,  was not only a fierce warrior, he was a prophet and widely respected by his people.  Shaka welcomes white people to his land in Kwa Zulu Natal, and allowed missionaries to operate freely through his land.  Before Shaka died, he warned his half brother and successor, Dingaan, that he must not attack the white people and that he must allow missionaries to operate freely.  In fact, in the reign of King Dingaan, two missionaries, Rev  Halstead and Rev. Owen, had a mission station inside King Dingaan’s village.  But the strange thing is, these missionairies were converting our people to Christianity, and they often went out of their way to critisize and undermine the King’s authority in the eyes of their converts.  In other words, we have an amazing phenomenon here, were a great king is being undermined by the very people he has allowed to preach freely in his lands.


No South African scholar has ever asked themselves why this happened. Why were our people so seemingly stupid as to let a foreign religion into their country?

When the Belgiums colonised the Congo, King Leopold declared that the Congo was to be his personal property.  King Leopold’s men tortured and murdered to several million Congolese people.  Dispite the fact that these people were slaves in their own country, and suffered terrible misery and humiliation, Congolese people still respected and followed the Christian missionaries, and gained hope from them.

In 1907, in the country now known as Namibia, the Germans embarked on a policy of genocide against the warrior people known as the Hererals.  The Germans tortured and slaughtered so many men and women of that tribe, that as up until as recently as the late 1940’s, Hereral women were still so traumatised by what had happened, they were not able to have children.  But, in spite of the hideous genocide commited by General Von Traupe, the Hereral people clung to the Christian faith.


When King Dingaan of the Zulus, murdered the white Voortrekker leader and Freemason, Piet Retief, the act was watched by Reverend Owen and Reverend Halstead, from their mission station, which was built on a hill over looking the King Dingaan’s great village.  Halstead and Owen, who were unharmed by Dingaan, decided to flee from the place after that, and Dingaan was genuinely upset that his favourite preachers had decided to leave him.

King Kletsetwaiu, the warrior King who won the battle of  Isandwane in 1875 or there about, never harmed missionaries.

The King Denezule who succeeded King Kletsetwaiu, was brutally tortured by the English, had a great friend in Bishop Colenzo, a Christian Bishop, and his three daughters.   Even though he had suffered so much at the hands of the English, he never abandoned his Christian friends.  The bishop and his family comforted him, and he depended desperately on their Bible in his darkest hours.

The Aboriginis, like Africans, were deliberately “softened up”, long before they were colonised by the white people.  There were men, myserious men, who often posed as gods, who undermined the will of the Aboriginis to resist the encroachment of the colonialists.”

Credo goes on to explain the manipulation during  colonisation:

“There is a man I have been investigating in vain for 50 years now, a man who committed acts of hideous genocide upon our people here in South Africa, a man of whom historians are so fond that you may not dare to point a finger at him.  I was deamonised over 40 years ago by the South African news media, because I asked questions about this man.

Who was George Grey?

What was he?

Was he a Freemason?

Was he an Illuminati?

How is it that this man, Sir George Grey, who was the founder of the most oppressive laws that British colonialism ever settled our people with.  Appartheid was laid down by Sir George Grey.  The compulsory carrying of identity papers at all times in public, was laid down by Sir George Grey in the 1850’s.  This man was sent to New Zealand to quell a Maouri rebellion, which had defeated the efforts of the British military.  The Maouri were unstoppable.  They were raging like a bush fire through New Zealand.  But when George Grey was sent to New Zealand, he managed to quell this rebellion with very little loss of life.  What did George Grey do?  I have never been able to find a book which told me what George Grey did to passify the Maouri’s, who had beaten the British soldiers.  Because that same George Grey, was bought from New Zealand to South Africa, in order to quell a great rebellion by the Xhoza people.  George Grey used out right trickery in order to force the Xhoza people to actually destroy themselves, by getting them to kill their own cattle and burn their own crops.  It is one of the saddest stories of our countries blood drenched history.  Almost over night, George Grey transformed the people of the Eastern Cape into skeletal starvlings.  Raw hunger and starvation had achieved what military might had failed to achieve, after many embattled decades.  George Grey was a psychologist who knew the native races, and he knew how to exploit their beliefs, to bring about their own destruction.

An example of what he did, happened one day when trouble was boiling up in the Cape between the colonialists and the Xhoza people, and another war was threatened:  A number of Xhoza women, including a Sangoma, were tending to crops, when they heard voices calling out to them in the bush.  The Sangoma being a spiritual person and a healer, responded to these voices, and she went with her sister to investigate.  She found a deep hollow in the ground from which the voices were coming.  As the women knelt next to the hollow, three amazing figures emerged from out of the hollow.  They were unusually tall men wearing long black robes with big hoods, made of animal skin.  One of them had a face painted white, or so it seemed to these terrified Xhoza women.  They told the Sangoma, whom they distinguished by hair and attire as a traditional healer, that she must go to the Xhoza people and tell them to start killing their cattle and burning their crops.

I wrote a book which made me one of the most hated black men in South Africa.  When I questioned George Grey, I was savagely attacked by nearly every professor in various universtities, the intellectual prostitutes, the liars in ivory towers.

I have come across these characters in hoods who have constituted much of the manipulation of our kings and leaders.  There is a tale of a King called Mahlomi, who was getting old and had suffered many wounds fighting to protect his people against invaders.  One day, Mahlomi was in his hut when somebody came to the entrance.  It was a frightening being whose face was as white as the face of death, a being which wore a long robe with a hood over it’s head of sable and antelope skin, a being with unnaturally wide shoulders and great height.  This being squatted near the entrace of the hut and told Mahlomi that he was to take one of his gold earings, the earing of Kingship, and go a long distance to find a young man, known as Dupoko, and give him this earing.

“What are you saying Great One?” said Mahlomi, utterly terrified by this being.

“Are you saying that I, Mahlomi, must go and find this boy and make him my successor?”

The beings said “Yes, we your fore fathers wish you to do this.”

Mahlomi was thunder struck.  He tried to argue, because he had sons whom he was hoping would proceed him after death.  And now here was being told to seek out a stranger and make him King of the Basotho people.  As Mahlomi started to speak, the terrible tall being stood up and threw a handful of black powder into the fire place.  There was a flash and a puff of white smoke, and the being disappeared.  On the following day, Mahlomi told his people what had happened in a council meeting.  The people adviced Mahlomi to obey.

They told him:


 “You are our King Mahlomi.  You have been our king for a long time. 

You are blameless and as brave as a lion.  But against the gods, what can you do?”

Mahlomi was given a tame ox by his people, and he rode on the back of this ox accompanied by two of his best warriors, and he went out to seek this strange boy, whom he had been ordered to make the King of the Basotho people.  He found the boy high up on a mountain. The boy was a bandit, who lived by steeling cattle from rich men.  But Mahlomi pinned this earing to this boy’s right ear and said:

“I am commanded by the spirit of my fore fathers, to appoint you King of the Basotho people.  I am told that you are going to make this nation great.  I am told that you are going to protect it.  I Mahlomi have spoken.”

Mahlomi died a short time later and this boy became King Mashweshwe I of the Basotho people, as the so called ‘gods’, had spoken.

Mashweshwe himself started seeing visions, and he started obeying the instructions of these visions, that he should build a great nation out of the Basotho nation.  He collected together all the fugitives and refugees that had fled from the wars raging in South Africa, and he molded them into the nation known as the Basotho nation, which today inhabits the land of Lesotho.

One day, Mashweshwe was under attack by the Afrikaaners, when he received another vision, a vision that told him that if his people were to be saved, that he had to place himself and his people, under the protection of Queen Victoria, and he did just that.  When I was younger, the land now known as Lesotho, was known as the Basotholand Protectorate.  Here was a king actually destroying his sovereignty as a ruler, when he enjoyed the loyalty of his people and was greatly loved by the nation which he had created.  Mashweshwe did not really need to make himself the subordinate of the British Empire, but he did on advice of the visions that he had.

I think this man was secretly manipulated.  I believe this man had his fears and secret beliefs used against him.  It is the easiest thing to manipulate a man, who rules a country and who suddenly feels insecure.

The British appeared to have persued a double edged strategy in South Africa.

What did they do?

They used to manipulate the white Afrikaaner settlers and farmers,  into fighting the native people, even providing weapons to them.  Then they used to send agents to the embattled black kings to tell these black kings that the best thing they could do was to place their people and themselves under the protection of the British Empire.  How did a black king know that the English were the most militarily powerful people at that time?  The black people only saw their immediate enemies, who were the Afrikaans farmers or the boers with their ox wagons.  But here we have a situation where a powerful black king learns about the might of the British somewhere, and learns of their military might, and then this king is advised to place himself and his people under the protection of the British.  It was a strategy that the British persued in different forms, deep into Africa.  They often won huge parts of mineral rich territory without ever firing a shot.  Then there were the British gun runners, who smuggled muskets to black tribes, which resulted in wars between the Afrikaaners and the blacks who now had weapons.  One of the reasons King Mashweshew placed himself under the protection of the British, was because, now that his men had guns, they were attacking the farmers and stealing cattle, and he feared retaliation from the angry Afrikaaners.

It seems that there is an unbroken stream with one element of the take over following another.  The supposed ‘heros’ who charted Africa were involved in this.

The Christian missionaries behaved like dictators, they ill treated our people, they humiliated them and stole huge tracks of land from our people in the name of Jesus Christ.  If you go to Durban and you come to a place called Marion Hill, you will find one of the biggest and oldest mission schools in South Africa.  Marion Hill sits on a huge piece of land, which were stolen from the Zulu people by a missionary called Chimlet.  Even to this day, the people of Marion Hill will tell you that his man was not only crook, but a pityless exploiter of the black people.  He was a monk, but he was much more than a monk.  It was said that this man worshipped, not God, not the Virgin Mary, but Satan himself.

The missionaries used to employ the tactic of preaching the so called gospel to our people.  At the same time, they used to manipulate our people into parting with some of their holiest relics.  There is a place in London, close to the London docks, in a heavily guarded warehouse which belongs to the British Museum of Human Kind.  We were allowed to visit this place when I was in London in 1997.  In this warehouse, I saw cupboard after cupboard, filled with African artifacts in gold, silver, ivory and wood.  I saw royal bangles from dead kings, which had shown every sign that they had been removed by force from the arms of dead men and women.  All these things, I was told, had been collected by the London Missionaries Society, and were sent to this museum where no African is allowed to view them. I was lucky because I was accompanied by a white woman, whose father, I suspect, is a Freemason.

The missionaries established hospitals in their mission stations, and when an African was bought there, sick and dying, the missionary used to tell this African that as a condition of entering the hospital, he first had to be baptised as a Christian.  Also, another condition for entering the hospital and receiving treatment, the sick African had to surrender all artifacts from his Ancestors, that he had in his possession.  One day, my grand father had an accident.  He had bought himself an ox wagon, but he did not know how to control it and the ox wagon plunged off a cliff.  My grand father badly injured, and when he was taken to a mission hospital, the first thing that the missionary said to my Grand father, was that he knew that my grand father owned a heap of metal objects which he kept in on of his hut, and that as a condition of receiving treatments for his broken bones, he had to surrender all the metal property ot the missionary, because it is full of evil spirits.  The missionary, Reverend Lee went on to say that these metal objects would be taken to a special place in England where they would be destroyed.  My grand father stood up shakily and walked out of the mission hospital.  He walked and somewhere along the road he collapsed, and tribes people took him to their village, and when an Afrikaaner doctor rode past, the tribes people asked this doctor, who was not a missionary, to please take my grand father.  The doctor took my grand father to his farm far away, and there, the Afrikaaner doctor, a herbalist really, treated my grand father free of charge and did not place any conditions on my grand father.  My grand father returned to his village, a healthy man, and took three of his fattest cows, and led them with his sons, to the far away home of the Afrikaaner doctor.  Again and again, the people were robbed of their heritage.  Our people were robbed of scientific equipment.  Our people were robbed of irreplacable artifacts, some of them dating hundreds of years into the past.”

It is important to note here that the Knights of the Maltese Cross, or Knights of Malta, have many sub branches.  They are also known as the Knights of St. John (both Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki belonging to this order) and the Hospitaliers.  They were credited with setting up the first hospitals in Africa and America, which is why the symbol for a hosptial is a red cross, which is derived from the Maltese cross.  It is also why the ambulence service in the United Kingdom is known as St. John’s Ambulance Services.

This is a classic ‘Problem Reaction Solution’ scenario where the need for more hospitals came out of the creation of wars and conflict.  And thus, the strategy is simple to see, in creating wars, they created the need for hospitals to treat the injured, where they would rob tribal cheifs of their riches.  Credo gives futher credence to this when he says:

“When missionaries came to South Africa, they deliberately created a huge wave of animocity between those blacks that they converted, and those blacks who resisted Christian convention.  They created such a divide, that they actually broke up huge families.  It got worse when the Catholics, Protestant and other religions spread through South Africa.  There was deliberate development of conflict of the nature that exists between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ierland.  Black protestants were forbidden from talking to black Catholics.  Black Catholics would not even ask the time of day from a black Protestant.”

Further manipulation and enslavement of native people was done by imposing taxes on them for living on land that they had always lived on.  Credo goes on to say:

“The South African people largely ignored the mining operations that they soon saw were taking place in their country.  Our people were happy to stay in their villages.  But new laws were instituted by the colonial goverment of Natal especially, where all able bodied men were forced to go on a long distance journey by foot, to work for starvation wages in the diamond fields of Kimberly.  Many stories are told of brave black men and women who went to Kimberly to work in the town of Kimberly, amongst all kinds of disease and corruption, in the great hole of Kimberly, a sight which had previously been a hill which was a sacred place to our people.

Cecil John Rhodes did alot to distablise family life in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  He forced all the chiefs of tribes that they had to pay him taxes for being on his land, and so the chiefs had to send people from the tribes to work in the mines to make money for the chiefs to pay tax, which was now demanded of our people, to be paid not in cattle, as had been the case before, but in gold sovereigns.  Rhodes told the people that if they did not do it, he was going to call the soldiers from England.  A young Zulu had to leave his father’s home, and go on foot, over the Drakensburg mountains, walk great distances which took about a week, and there he was to work for one gold sovereign a year.  This one gold sovereign would then be turned over to the local chiefs, who would in tern, turn it over to the colonial authorities as tax.

Lonrho Company is the London Rhodesia Company, which was owned by Tiny Roland, has had an intrumental part in abusing Africa since it’s creation.

The Oppenheimer family is the Illuminati branch manager in South Africa, who control the Anglo American Corporation.  But I want to be fair because my philosphy as an African Warrior Priest, commands me to be fair, even to my deadliest enemies.  The Anglo American Corporation has done alot of good to Africa during it’s existance.  Sir Earnest Oppenheimer assisted in the building of several townships near Johannesburg.  He did not do it for love of course, or ultruistic reasons, but on a massive scale, he and his company created many roofs over the heads of many black families.  But, the Anglo American Corporation also has alot to answer for in front of the throne of God.  This corporation has caused the deaths of thousands of men in it’s mines.

I have evidence that can stand in any court, that organisations such as the Anglo American Corporations, often over throw African governments, by what I call ‘remote control’.  Not so long ago, a great friend of mine, Doctor Hastings Kamusu Banda was over thrown in Malawi.  He was over thrown by people going on a rampage in every city in his country.  Before the over throw of Doctor Banda, the Anglo American Corporation and other mining corporations in South Africa, had banned hundreds of Malawian miners from coming to seek a living in South Africa in the only way they know how, mainly by mining.  It was believed, that many Malawian gold miners suffered from AIDS.  When Doctor Banda’s government was over thrown and all the people stormed into the streets of the city, amoungs the people were the men who had been refused the right to come to South Africa to earn a living there.  Again and again I have seen this happen.  Before the tragedy in Lesotho, mine workers were retrenched in the mines.  Many of these mine workers were Basothos, who took to the streets and caused the devastation that let to the demise of the Basotho people today.

Roland, the imfamous head of the Lonrho Corporation, was behind much genocide and many coups in Africa.  Where ever there was war, where ever there was smuggling of tanks and heavy artillery pieces, there was the Lonrho Corporation.  Tiny Roland was a man who sympathised with the Nazi’s.  He was directly behind the siezure of the country of Rhodesia by Mr Ian Smith.  Tiny Rowland was one white man whom thousands of black men throughout Africa hated.  Our people called him ‘ingwenya’ which means the ‘chewing crocodile’.  The reason he was so hated was because, not far from Victoria Falls, is a small town called Whanki, which was once sacred to the great Earth Mother in ancient times.  Tiny Rowland so heavily polluted that town with it’s various mining operations, that the town is now a ghost of it’s former glory.

What I do not understand, is why do rational, highly educated human beings, allow themselves to become the instrument of destruction of the only home that we have, namely the Earth upon which we live?

Are you going to tell me that men like Mr Oppenheimer and those who work for him, don’t have studies which forcast the long term view of what the ultimate results of their massive mining operations will be?

Perhaps destroying the environment is the way that the people in control will turn the world from one we want to live in, into one that they want to live in.

This seems to be a terrible war that we see in front of us, a war that is taking place relentlessly, cold bloodedly, a war whose effects are being seen upon this planet every day.

It makes my heart to bleed that the black people of Africa have allowed themselves to be manipulated.  But this is one of the truths of the fact that in this world, we are not the masters of our own destiny.  This is the proof.  In this world, we are controlled by forces far greater and far more ancient than we are.

It appears from what I see happening all over Africa, that they are destroying or depopulating those countries which, if left to themselves, could become the bread baskets of this continent.  The Sudan has been destroyed,  Mozambique has been destroyed, Zimbabwe is dying fast.  These countries themselves have not been destroyed, just their populations bought to the edge of extinction.


I feel that they want to alter human society by wiping out certain races of human kind, and leaving other races alive.  I think that Africa is being depopulated deliberately, in order to enable that the future dictators of this world, are able to get to Africa’s minerals without having to pay anybody.  In other words, they wish to access the minerals of various countries, things that appear more important than human lives, such as uranium, oil, coal, diamonds, gold, without having to pay any African ruler for any of those minerals.  We are reaching the point were the minerals that come out the ground do not belong to the small nations from which they come, but of the huge global government, which is on the cards and is being built now.  It seems to me that it is the decision to accelerate the destruction of as many human lives as possible.  At the same time, to leave the minerals as well as other natural resources of the world to consume.

There has been planned and actually built in several parts of Africa, things which are called peace parks, huge game reserves which borders on certain countries.  Now I understand, that the Kruger National Park, is to be duplicated, this time in Mozambique, which is very interesting indeed, because where the duplicate park is going to be establised, it is one of the areas where, especially during the Rhodesian war, where some of the heaviest, deadliest fighting, and massive destruction of tribes people actually took place.  I dont know who is planning these things, because there is huge cost of live in establishing these game parks.

Since the World Wildlife Fund was established, African animals are being exterminated at an even greater rate.  There is shooting of game in some supposedly protected places and game hunting goes on as it is big money.  In some of these private game parks, you often see air strips, carrying not small aircraft as one would expect, you find, sometimes you can see big hangers with big aircraft in it, normally used by airlines or the air force, what is such a big plane doing in game reserves?  Smuggling animals perhaps… dead or alive.  The world wildlife fund is an absolute fraud and hypocracy, and it does not suprise me that the person behind such hypocracy, also served in Hitler’s SS army.”

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands and Prince Phillip, who is married to Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England, were both Nazi’s, and were the ones responsible for setting up the WWF.  It is a complete fraud and I do hope that none of my readers will be donating to this organisation, which does more damage than good.

Credo continues:

“While African allow themselves to be manipulated by these enemies of human kind, while Africans fly at eachother’s throats like enraged hawks, there are specially trained men and women who are being infiltrated into African counties, and they are mining minerals as if their is no war taking place.  There is huge smuggling of minerals whilst people are distracted with war.

Our first duty is to make the whole world, the whole of humanity, aware of the threat facing it.  Such is the blind spot in our brains, that when people threaten us that they are going to exterminate us, we do not take them seriously.  For example, this threat to Africa is visible to everyone with a little bit of thought.  But  the problem is so huge, so fearsome, that our conditioned mind can not aknowledge this.  We are like deers caught in head lights, we are reacting exactly like that, to be hypnotised to their supposed power, to be blind to their existance.  It is as if we can not handle what is before us, so we pretend that it is not there.  What people seem to be completely ignorant of, is there will come a time when the damage that has been done is so great, and they have gone too far, and we will not be able to reverse it.

But I believe in this power of the great African proverb which says:

  “God is greater that all the wizards and sourcerers on this Earth!”

…And I know, if as many people as possible are aware of what the Powers that Be are doing, they will be forced to retreat.  Already, there are signs that they are getting desperate.


Because the human being is trying to bring out the god within themselves.  We desperate to connect to the divine presence in the universe and we are succeeding.  It is only a few decades ago, when there was nobody on this Earth, who knew or cared anything about animal conservation, who knew or cared anything about the environment.  Today, there are many such people.  It is a hopeful sign, as sign that should be encouraged.

Let the powers of light shine in the dark corners of conspiracy, and as it shines, let human kind be saved.”

From Credo’s account of the history of South Africa, we can see the same thing happening over and over again, as history repeats itself now in Libya.  The weapons may have moved on from what we classically term “Colonial Times”, but the motive is still the same:  Take as much a “they” can, whilst caring nothing for the people, animals, or environment of this planet.  To day,  half of South Africa still live in relative poverty whilst tax payer money and massive natural resources go into the hands of the “Power Elite”.  The Oppenheimers now own more of South Africa’s wealth after Mandela’s presidency, than they did before.  Mandela has been instrumental in the hand over of South Africa’s wealth to the Vatican, which is why he holds more Knighthoods than any other man in Africa.  To varify this for yourself, just Wikipedia his name, and click on the abbreviated letters under his title.  (link below)

The Oppenheimers act as the Illuminati blood line branch managers of South Africa, and they control the banking, mining, and industrial institutions of South Africa, hording the wealth, whilst much of Africa struggle for a day to day survival.  Their wealth is enough to clothe, feed, educate and care for the sick and hungry of the world many times over!

The problem is that we have been so brain washed by main stream media into believing that the true seat of power lies in the seat of political power.  Well it does not.  The true seat of power lies in the money.  Never forget that it was Knight of Malta, Rothschild that said

“Give me control of a countries money, and I care not who makes it laws”. 


South Africa, and indeed the rest of Africa needs to start asking, where is the money going that is being robbed from the countries?  What is it funding? Wars?  Secret Space Programs with weapons designed to be used against us?  After all, much evidence now exists that proves that the Twin Towers of 9/11, were disintergrated by free energy tortion field technologies of an space based weapon.

It is time to stop co operating with the enlavers of humanity, and come together as ONE!


Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve