The MADDEST week, the Law of Attraction and Dr Bruce Lipton!


WOW!!  Since the last This Happy Guru show I have had the most crazy, eye opening, mind blowing week!!

Not only have the intentions that I set and the limiting belief systems that I needed to release manifested and released in lightening speed, but MAGIC has been thrown in my face from all OVER the Universe!!

I’ve felt a driving force of re-imprinting on my conscious mind. Affirmations for all the beauty and magic I see in my life and have been almost continuously reminded over and over about the Law of Attraction!

Everything has been pointing me towards this Universal Law and how vitally present it is, not only within our conscious minds but also within our physical selves!

I’ve put myself in the direction of learning, have been made supremely aware of quantum reflections, paths opening up to me, generosity from gratitude and been beautifully reminded how the Universe has my back even when I could never believe it to be so!

Gotta love this life! Join me to hear how I’ve coped with this roller coaster ride so far..!!