The Divine Masculine – recognising and retrieving


Following on from my session last week discussing the divine masculine with Paul Webb my curiosity has been going WILD! I’ve found myself fascinated with the Divine energies both masculine and feminine, eager to find out more my research has unearthed a whole heap of interesting information about how these energies manifest in and through us, how an imbalance of these energies sparks the negative in us all and how we can embrace both energies in an effort to bring peace and harmony into our lives and that of others.
This week on This Happy Guru’s show I continue to discuss the Divine Masculine.. it’s traits, what it looks, how it manifests in light and in shadow in both men and women.. how we can ALL embrace and support our masculine energy and how it can support us.. how we can tap into our masculine side to support ourselves and how truly humbling it is to be in the presence of the divine “Father” residing in us all.

Join me from 9-11pm GMT and as this show is LIVE please do get involved ! I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences along the way 😁🙏🏼❤