The Divine Feminine – raising and nurturing the goddess in you


Over the past few weeks on This Happy Guru I’ve been looking at the two types of divine energy that run through us all.  I’ve delved into the Divine Masculine and discovered greatness, loyalty, love and protection and looked at how the shadow Masculine has permeated our collective consciousness leading to actions from a place of fear rather than love.  Last week I began to explore the Divine Feminine and more specifically the shadow feminine who has been manipulated and cultivated through our cultures, societies, history and religions for millennia leaving that energy insecure, hollow, vain and out of touch with source. Since both these energies are present in each human being on this planet the rise of these “shadow” versions of our potential give rise to the question “if we let go of the darkness, what will the light reveal?”

Tonight I continue my exploration of the Divine Feminine with a light into what the sacred or divine feminine looks and feels like within us all.  How we can nurture and raise this vital source within us to help heal us physically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually.  I will be sharing my own experiences of connecting into this sacred energy and how real miracles have occurred in my life as a result.