STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Gerhardt Koch & Gordon Hunt | 1 November 2017 @ 6pm GMT

Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt was born in Durban South Africa, 1970,grew up in Johannesburg and spent most of my life in the area and then moved to Cape Town about 3.5 years ago, work focuses mainly on business development and business solutions from technical communications to construction, and strategy development.
Gordon is passionate about natural medicine and History, and has been Mandated by King Cornelius of the Khoisan Nation, to participate in the Development Programming council representing the Eurokaner Nation.

Gerhardt Koch 4th Generation Southern African inhabitant since great grandparents immigrated from Germany to South Africa. Served in the South African Airforce for 6 years 1986-1992. Worked for Chevron Corporation as contractor in Angola, Nigeria and Congo. Worked in Chevron’s Main Capital Projects department for 4 years in Houston before returning back to South Africa in 2015. This past 2 years found South Africa in a dire situation and on the brink of a mass genocide. Decided to dedicate my time and efforts to prepare myself and family as well as my fellow Boernation brethren against the coming onslaught.