Sacred Sound


Throughout the ages Sound has been used as one of the most transformative and healing energies on the planet. Think music, mantra, chanting, humming..but also think the awakening of the day orchestrated by insects and birds, the underwater music of whale and dolphin calls…Sound relaxes us, calms us, excites and energises us, angers and annoys us.  It can move us on a rollercoaster ride of  emotion through thought and feeling as well as making us want to physically move to a predetermined pattern or beat.  Its creative, it affects the very elements that surround us and affects every living thing on the planet.  Its all about vibration!  But Why? and How?!  What are the differences in the sounds that make us healthy and those that distress us and how can we use sound to positively affect our lives on a path to healing?

Tonight on This Happy Guru I explore Sacred Sound, the history of sound and its uses throughout culture and tradition as well as offering my own experiences of using sound as a healing modality and connection to my Soul