Geerte Frenken’s name has become synonymous with the fight for rights to family freedom, liberty from the oppression of ignorant, corrupt courts which have come to define the dimensions of “Predator In Prossession”.

Geerte Frenken is the host of “Hell Is For Children”, a platform where numerous protective mothers speak of struggles in progress, struggles lost in the work to regain access to children. The primal bond between parent and child, the trust in love and protection has been broken/dismantled by the authority of kangaroo courts in the course of arrogant, unscientific pronouncements that function on rules of old boys networks, ties of faith and confidence that has throughout time existed as a primal part of the child’s confidence in the parent to protect the child.

Geerte Frenken is present in this interview to discuss the challenges she has faced in her struggle to free her child from the grip of the parent we name as the depraved predator in possession of custody of Jasmijn, so ordered by the Court of Judge Verna Adams. Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman will be present to tell the back story that Geerte Frenken cannot tell about how this travesty of custody transfer into the hands of an accused abuser took place and continues despite all evidence to the contrary as to the safety and well being, best interests of the child Jasmijn.

Geerte has completely dedicated her life to securing Jasmijn’s freedom, while working tirelessly to provide a platform to speak for mothers in similar plights.


Geerte has been a full time college professor and internationally famous fine artist whose many creations hang in galleries from New York to the Netherlands. She has given up all other endeavors to act as pro se counsel before the U.S. Courts and to pursue hearings before the U.N. For their betrayal of the spirit and the law of the Hague Convention Treaty conceived to protect children. The acts of Hague Convention Judges in a recent spate of cases has proven to be a betrayal of the letter and spirit of the law which has failed to give sanctuary to children known to be in peril.

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