Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression… clarity keys.


The last week has been TRAUMATIC to say the least.  Over the past 10 days I’ve been experiencing physical pain that has been ever present, shifting around my back, shoulders and neck as well as emotional pain and angst which has left me heavy hearted, crying for no reason and feeling unloved, unworthy and doubtful as to where it is I’m going with my life and whether or not it will be worth it when and if I get there.

I’ve tried so many ways of shifting this ever present weight – which is what I’ve been describing it as – and many of the usual support systems I use for my physical and emotional health have helped…for a time… and then they’ve been over powered by the pain and the weight returns and I feel like I’m back to square one.

So I asked the Universe.  I asked it for a gift or a sign that would help me and the following day, on my Facebook feed, there it was.  Past Life Regression.  I knew I had to shift something deep, the pain was too intense and too deep and too untouchable.  So I made an appointment… and the journey began.

Tonight on This Happy Guru I will be sharing what came up for me and my reflections on not only Past Life Regression but on my FIRST session of Future Life Progression.  Why I chose these mediums, my experiences, my visions and how its made me feel going forward…  My Future Life Progression happened TODAY so the energy is VERY real and still VERY present!  Tune in to find out whats shifted and the amazing vision and connection I’ve made this week with my past and future self.

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