On Reclaiming Perception Tues 21st Nov 2017 Sarah Chaplin, writer and Musician


Sarah Chaplin is a writer and musician based in south west London. She was involved for many years in mainstream education as an academic and also as a practicing architect bound up in the corporate, material world of property and place, but always maintained an interest in the more philosophical aspects of experience and how we are connected emotionally and spiritually to a metaphysical plane of existence.

Seeking answers to these questions through her research as a university professor from diverse sources such as Japanese tea huts and love hotels, virtual reality and cyberspace, identity and authenticity, in 2012 she opted for a complete career change, and alongside a healthy dose of motherhood, writing fiction and playing jazz, started to do more inner work. Her quest to connect with her higher self and discover her soul’s purpose produced a more immediate practical need to make a whole series of changes to her daily life, and brought her into contact with new people and practices that held more truth and resonance.

Sarah is now developing ways of using channeling and Tibetan singing bowls into responsive one-to-one and group forms of therapy work designed to release emotional blockages and encourage your inner/self talk to adopt a kinder more compassionate approach.

I am really looking forward to speaking with Sarah about so many things – we were fortunate enough to spend 5 days on a retreat and I can quite honestly say she is the first person I have met who appears to have looked at the same conspiracy / spiritual information that I have.  Where we both appear to have arrived at very similar conclusions to this reality and what is distorting it.

We will cover topics like recent events such as Q posts on 4Chan and a post Sarah did about Destroying the Illusion this week which received a surprising number of positive responses from people when she reported on a channeling he has done.

Since the retreat in Portugal Sarah started writing a self help book with a week by week way of changing your life over the course of a year.