On behalf of a Princess, we call to the French authorities to take action!


“Someone has got to go out and love the people and show it”

“I like to see myself as the Queen of peoples’ hearts, but I don’t see myself as Queen of this country (England)”

Princess Diana

On 31 August 1997, the Princess of Wales, known to many as Princess Diana, along with her fiancé Dodi Al Fayed, and driver Henri Paul, were killed when the black Mercedez they had been travelling in, collided with the 13th pillar inside the Pont de la Alma tunnel in Paris, France.

The world was shocked by the tragedy, as Princess Diana was much beloved, referring to herself as the “Queen of peoples’ hearts” in the candid interview she gave to Martin Bashir.

Following on from the death of Princess Diana, who angered the Military Industrial Complex by campaigning against land mines, it became more and more apparent that there may have been foul play involved in the tragic car accident that ended her life, as Diana had predicted her death in a letter that she wrote to her butler Paul Burrell, saying that the royals were planning to kill her in a car accident.

Following on from much public pressure, an inquest was held into these deaths, and the verdict given was that of Unlawful Killing by pursuing vehicles.

To date, the pursuing vehicles have never been formally identified, however the main stream media went on to blame well, themselves really, claiming that the pursuing vehicles were “paparazzi”, however, to date, nobody has ever been formally identified or charged on any account.

But if a verdict of “unlawful killing” was rendered by the inquiry, clearly demonstrating that this was not an accident, rather that there was foul play involved, why has a murder enquiry into the deaths of Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed, and  Henri Paul, never been opened by the French authorities?

Furthermore, why have French authorities not investigated, or charged French Pathologist Professor Dominique Lecomte with tampering with evidence?

Professor Lecomte was the person who tested Henri Paul in order to determine his blood alcohol level, because the accident had been blamed on Henri Paul, who was falsely claimed to be intoxicated.  The blood tests for Henri Paul indicated lethally high levels of carbon monoxide in the blood, which would have made it implausible that Henri Paul would even be alive if the results were in fact accurate, but there are very strong suspicions that the samples had been switched.  Furthermore, there appeared to be a further 58 errors in the Pathologist report submitted by Professor Lecomte, and the report was declared by the enquiry as “untruthful”.

If the French authorities will not act in such a serious matter, by opening a murder enquiry into the death of a princess, particularly one as beloved as Princess Diana, can any regular French citizen expect justice or fairness?

For more information please take some time to watch the below documentary called UNLAWFUL KILLING, which was banned by the British Royals