Mind Vault TV – 26 November 2015


In our confusing and often frightening times, the need for truly empowering FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA has never been more necessary. At Conscious Consumer Network, we aim to provide a LIVE broadcast network especially dedicated to the brave souls who speak the TRUTH and provide SOLUTIONS.imgo-5
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If you are reading this, the chances are that you know what alternative media is.
The chances are, you too have learned something you did not know before from a documentary, interview or broadcast about subjects not normally covered on the main stream media.
Information is the common heritage of all beings, and in this new information era, where nearly anything you want to know is accessible at your fingertips, a new breed of information bringers have come forward, to experience, learn and communicate the truth about the nature of our reality, as well as exploring solutions to fix our broken planet.
Conscious Consumer Network was developed with the specific intention of giving these dedicated and brave knowledge purveyors, a platform to fully communicate, explore and interact with a greater audience, with the end result being a network that is on a par with the quality of main stream media including it’s CCN broadcast archive.