Manifesting Life – The Power of Creating Your Vision



Today, two weeks after the Full Moon, we have the New Moon of November coming into Scorpio, a sensitive sign that invites introspection and clearing of shadows.  It also coincides with the Hindu, Jain and Sikh festival of Diwali a celebration of light and dispelling darkness. The PERFECT time then to begin setting intentions for what we want to achieve not just for the immediate present but also for the upcoming year.

When you’re determined to manifest something in your life its IMPERATIVE that you get your vision REALLY clear.  You need to know EXACTLY what it is in your life that you want.  You need to see it, you need to feel it and you need to align your energy ENTIRELY with it so that your energy vibration and the energy of your dream intertwine, drawing each other closer and closer until you are as one.  We’re back working with the Law of Attraction!

I use visualisation tools with my clients all the time. Whether it be in meditation, Yoga asana practice or life design, but my go to for long term visualisation is a vision board, something I can see and connect with every day, something that aligns me with the things I want to achieve, the places I want to go and the experiences and things I want to have in my life.

On tonights show I will be creating my vision board for 2019 publicly for the first time so that  you can see HOW I set my intentions, the energies I bring in to begin resonating that energy and vibration out to the Universe and how I design a board that not only invites me into a place of acceptance and achievement every day but which also invites me to receive my future as though its already mine.