Learning to Love yourself.. where to begin?!


As a Holistic Happiness Coach and Yoga practitioner and teacher I am ALL about Self Love ❤

Learning to accept, love, respect and have faith in myself is, to date, the biggest lesson of my life.  I’ve been challenged by my upbringing, the people who’ve come into my life, society, expectations, guilt, shame and fear and now, it be on or off the mat, in or out of session time, I am always encouraging my clients, my friends, my family to embrace Ahimsa; the practice of non violence or injury; the practice of compassion, of Self Love.

Humans can often be very judgmental.  We have an idea of the way we think things need to work in our lives to be happy.  How things or people in life need to show up to make us happy and then we have the judgements when these things or people don’t show up as we expected them to..

All this judgement and expectation can lead to a LOT of negative thoughts – not only projectually but also internally.

It has been said that before you can truly love another you must first love yourself.

I believe this to be true and as I delve deeper into my Life on this planet I begin to recognise that Self Love is not only the gateway to being able to project love honestly and fully, but it also enables you to fully recognise and accept Love from, and in, others.

So what does it mean to love ones Self? Where does one begin? What can you do to really “practice” Self Love?
On tonight’s show I share my thoughts and practices of self love, what I’ve learnt from them and how they’ve made me feel, how mindfulness strategies can bring even the most mundane tasks into the realm of Self Love and what it means to truly be non violent or practice ahimsa as part of a lifestyle choice.

This Happy Guru runs between 9-11pm every Wednesday on the Conscious Consumer Network