Hypnotherapy and Accessing the Mind – Interview with Alexander Walker


HUGELY excited to be interviewing Clinical Hynotherapist Alexander Walker on the next LIVE Programme of This Happy Guru.

Following on perfectly from my series on the correlation between our emotions and our physical health, Alexander will be discussing how hypnotherapy can help release anxiety and depression, an area in which he specialises, using techniques that have been selected from the most respected and experienced professionals in the field of hypnotherapy.

Alex has a success rate of between 91-96% and he says it all starts with adjusting how you speak to yourself.. which sounds easy, right? But let’s face it if it were that easy, it wouldn’t be necessary!

Throughout my research into the scientific and philosophical links between self talk, emotions and illness Hypnotherapy kept coming up so I’m super excited to explore this more with Alex on Wednesday night LIVE on the Conscious Consumer Network and to see if he can give me some insight on the other pervading topics such as Past Life Regression and Trans Dimensional Therapy.

Oooooh i can feel the energy rising!!