To Whomever Has Interest in Why I AM Crying:

I have written a note in PDF format … It is being offered to any interested people … The link for it is available on my timeline … It is being published and offered for the following reasons:

I wish to share a few of my thoughts in reference to a recent development within CCN, an excellent alternative media network of dedicated individuals who have the common goal to co-create a better world. My thoughts are basically grounded in neutrality, because I AM not one who “takes sides”. At the same time there is much deep sadness involved – Which I view as being a totally legitimate expression of my authentic feelings.

It will also discuss why I am choosing to no longer visit or participate in the Unfuckers Room, a place where there are many people for whom I have much affection.

Finally … It will explain my intention to step back and minimize my online presence for awhile … Partly because the impact of the first two items were kind of like a “last straw” for me … But mostly because I just need a “break”.

I did pour ALL of mySELF and my heart into this presentation of my thoughts and feelings … And, yet, because I did not want to “assume” that people on my friendship roster wanted to read what was prepared, I am only tagging a few people. In addition, I will drop a note of introduction, including my intention, on a couple group pages. Then, over the next few weeks, I may send a private message to some or most of the people in my friend’s list … Just to alert them that I posted something … And then they can make the decision whether they wish to follow up on it or not.

Dropbox Link:


Box Link:

If you don’t have a dropbox account, you can still download document … If you send an email address to me at sheisnowawake@gmail.com.

Thanks for your consideration, and I wish for you the Best Always and in All Ways!!

I AM … Shimalaii