xdecisionmaking-styles-collaborative-control-v2-60dpi-png-pagespeed-ic-owirrju0kuxdecisionmaking-styles-collaborative-control-v2-60dpi-png-pagespeed-ic-owirrju0kuCONTROL DISGUISED AS COLLABORATION –  THE NEW PSY OP by Mel Ve – As an Investigative Journalist with more than 2 decades of experience in media, both mainstream and independent, not to mention founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I have come to learn many tricks, and see through many illusions.  I have heard many pretty words of faithful promise, only to turn into empty rhetoric that was always unrealistic to begin with.  In a world where false hope is marketed as solution, in a world where vampires profit off the hope, dreams and suffering of others, there needs to be discernment.

The Conscious Media Coalition (CMC) is the latest organization in a long list of questionable organizations, to bring me cause for concern.  Following on from a Christmas Eve discourse of a concerning nature, I have decided to make public what I have discovered and experienced.

I had initially resisted attempts to be recruited into CMC, but I had so many people insisting that I “collaborate” with them, and to be honest, I am all for collaboration. I have run an intensely stressful project for 2 years, which has been all about mutually respectful collaboration.  However, what I have come to know is that CMC is not about collaboration.  Instead it is about control of a rather large chunk of Alternative Media.

The Conscious Media Coalition has stated that their aim is to unite alternative / free & independent media into one collective front / organization. This apparent need to unite alternative media became necessary after the recent PizzaGate scandal hit the media, sparking fears that it may be a psy op specifically designed to shut down FAKE NEWS websites.

I am sad to say that PizzaGate is not a psy op, but what is a psy op is the fear that has been seeded into Alternative Media, by spreading unsubstantiated and unverifiable rumors that the Illuminati / CIA / Powers that be, will be shutting down all websites that it deems to have FAKE NEWS. What this has done is create the ideal pretext to unite Alternative Media under an umbrella organization called Conscious Media Coalition. It is still unclear how uniting under this umbrella organization will prevent websites deemed as FAKE NEWS sites, from being shut down, should the Illuminati / CIA / Powers that be decide to follow through on this action, none the less, this is the premise that was used to create enough fear to form this Conscious Media Coalition.

Creating fear in order to get people to unite in favor of a specific agenda is not new. In fact, this is a very old pattern, which is most recognizable to anybody who follows Alternative Media. I cite the PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION scenario is the template for this deception. The creation of fear was the very reason for the perpetration 9/11, and many other numerous false flag and terrorist attacks, to keep us afraid, and to make us unite in support of the Dark Agenda, which includes the stripping down of our rights and freedoms.

Now I am all for uniting on our common ground in the pursuit of a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world, but FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA needs to remain FREE & INDEPENDENT, and not controlled or regulated by any oversight bodies or umbrella organizations. An oversight body can be subject to corruption, infiltration and manipulation, covertly or overtly, and this would affect those affiliated with it.

INDIVIDUALITY – A Journalist should be able to stand on the merits of their own work, and be recognized as such, and not be affected by those who are lazy and negligent towards the pursuit of truth and justice, nor those who manipulate facts for sensationalism, in order to drive profit. In much the same respect, bad journalists and media groups should not be allowed to vampire social equity from those who have worked very hard to build strong, ethical and well researched bodies of work at their own cost, and at great risk to their own lives. INDIVIDUALITY in media safeguards the integrity of the work being presented, and ensures that it is not subject to the bias and manipulation of others.

Collaboration in small groups for the purposes of research or production is the only practical form of collaboration in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT media. Any other form of collaboration is usually an attempt to control the information flow.

INDEPENDENCE – The only way to operate effectively, ethically and truthfully in the world of media, is to remain completely independent of the control or manipulations of others. The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public.

Journalists should always refuse gifts, favors, fees, travel, special treatment, and avoid cult or political activities that may compromise integrity or impartiality, or may damage credibility.

EQUALITY – We are all equal in terms of our rights, but it is a fact that some people are better at certain jobs than others. We all have different skills in different areas. We are not all equally good plumbing. I for one would not have a clue how to do any plumbing work. In much the same respect, we are not all equal in the world of media, and some parties are definitely more credible and more trust worthy than others.

Will a blanket formula be applied to the governing of all CMC collaborators, or will collaborators be treated on a meritocratic basis?

CONFLICT OF INTEREST – Creating a unified media coalition soils the reputation of good Journalists and media platforms, when they are seen to be associated with platforms and journalists / information purveyors that lack integrity, and have been proven, based on cold hard evidence, to cause harm and loss to prominent parties – an example of this being Ubuntu and Michael Tellinger.

EVIDENCE regarding Michael Tellinger

If Journalists / media collaborators in CMC, perceive a conflict of interest within the CMC, how do we go about dealing with this?

Can ethical journalist expect a fair hearing with regard to matters that may cause a conflict of interest, or are their concerns just overruled by the CMC founders?

How do media collaborators go about seeking recourse for any unjust rulings?

Is there an appeal process?

Who manages, issues and processes the paperwork for hearings and appeals?

Can they be voted into office, or will these functions also be run by CMC founders?

What qualifies them to do this?

How do we ensure fairness in dealing with conflicts of interest?

What is the moral code upon which CMC is operating in order to administer this coalition?

RULES AND PUNISHMENT – To be a part of the CMC, you have to abide by their rules, terms and conditions. This fact was confirmed to me by Justin Nexus Booth, CMC founder, during a Facebook discussion that occurred on 24 December 2016, when I specifically asked him if affiliates of CMC were required to adhere to the rules.

How does an oversight body such as CMC issue punishment for breaking it’s rules?

Who gets to decide what the rules are?

And what qualifies them to do so?

Who gets to implement the judgment regarding punishment?

Is there a grievance process to allow for fair representation?

Does one get a chance to defend themselves should false allegations be brought?

Will there be a chance to present evidence before a jury of our peers?

Or is it a case of the CMC founders getting to pass judgment on everyone?

Having run a very successful multimedia LIVE broadcast network for 2 years on the basis on respectful collaboration, I know how this is done, and it is not done by enforcing rules and punishing people for breaking them. This only creates a culture of fear and intolerance within any organization. Indeed, if we truly are to create a new paradigm, we simply cannot use old paradigm practices and ideologies. People need to be encouraged, counseled and supported, not punished.

PARTICIPATION – Is participation dependent on following the leader, or can participation also happen when genuine independent thought and discernment is exercised?

Do affiliates / participants in CMC have to agree to the proposed structure of people who have been proven to be incompetent, or can we offer solutions, and expect fair consideration, even if those options do not leave control in the hands of CMC founders?

How will power within CMC be fairly administered?

And who will be administrating it?

Do we get a vote or a say in how the organization is run, and who by?

Or is joining / affiliation to CMC dependent on accepting a pre-determined Status Quo?

FACT CHECKING – CMC claims to be in a position to FACT CHECK all the information they publish, and indeed, have claimed this as one of their stated aims in order to not be considered as FAKE MEDIA. This comes across very much like CMC and its founders, are going to decide what is fact and what is not, which means they exercise the power to decide what the truth is for all affiliated / collaborating media partners.

Who will be doing the fact checking?

What qualifies them to do so?

What qualifies them to know whether a witness / whistleblower testimony is true or false?

What qualifies them to know if evidence is false or flawed?

Is this person planning on fact checking Michael Tellinger’s work?

Will all parties be treated fairly, or will bias be given in favor of big names?

If facts are proven to be amiss, what is the punishment for publishing false facts?

The only truth you know is the truth you find for yourself. It is not up to anybody to determine what someone else’s truth should be. However, any claims by a credible journalist should be backed up with fact and evidence.

ACCOUNTABILITY & TRANSPARENCY – Being an ethical journalist means taking responsibility for one’s work and explaining one’s decisions to the public. It is the duty of the ethical journalist to expose unethical conduct in journalism, including within their circles and organizations.

Does the CMC recognize the special obligation of Journalists to serve as watchdogs over public affairs, and that any wrong doings on their behalf will be exposed by the very people affiliated with this network?

Are CMC collaborators able to hold CMC founders accountable for any failings act in full transparency, or for deliberate malfesance?

LAW / CONTRACTING – Upon further investigation of CMC and the legal framework they operate, a most disturbing element was discovered. Feel free to find this information at

Under the legal material used to create the terms and conditions for collaboration, the following was included:

“ We own the intellectual property rights in the website and material on the website.  Subject to the license below, all these intellectual property rights are reserved.  You (the collaborator / media platform) grant to us worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute your user content in any existing or future media.  You also grant to us the right to sub-license these rights, and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights.”

The above terms and conditions basically gives ownership of all collaborators content / media to CMC, and they may do what ever they want with it, and the collaborator has no right to stop them from doing so, and any attempts to do so, will result in the collaborator having legal action brought against them. This is nothing other than a slave contract designed to capitalize of the sacred labor of others, whilst robbing others of their intellectual property.

When bringing this matter the to attention of CMC founders, I was told that these legal terms were copy and pasted from another website, not actually written or thought out by the actual founders of CMC. This lack of attention to the legal infrastructure of CMC is extremely concerning, as is the negligence and flippancy with which this has been handled.

ETHICS – Information is the common heritage of all beings, and anybody claiming that they can lay ownership to any part of it for the purposes of misappropriation, is not working toward creating a new paradigm of media, nor are they acting the the best interest of the collective consciousness. In fact, it is abundantly clear that these people are only interested in creating a revenue stream for themselves by profiting off the sacred labor of other people.

CULT GARNISHING TACTICS – CMC founder Justin has exhibited classic CULT garnishing and recruitment tactics, which often typically uses mystical or metaphysical elements as a public relations talisman exercise, by claiming some affiliation to said mystical quality, supernatural being / deity or metaphysical happening.  That is what gurus do, claim some divine or cosmic or metaphysical similarity or synchronicity to validate themselves or their rhetoric.  This new age trick is so old.  The ego who projects a messiah complex perpetrates the use of this exact same tactic by claiming some sort of divinity or special power, but is usually just a fraud trying to make a quick buck from vulnerable, soul sick people.  Most tellingly, CMC founder released a post on Xmas day claiming that the logo of their organization “synchronistically” (notice the neuro linguistic New Age buzz word classically used for programing and cohering in new age cults) looks like a newly formed crop circle in the UK. Considering how skilled the crop circle makers / designer are, if they wanted to illustrate cosmic synchronicity with CMC, the crop circle would have looked exactly like the CMC logo. This claim that the CMC logo and crop circle are similar, is a far stretch of the imagination, as the only discernable similarity they have is that they are both circular in design… hardly synchronistic, as crop circles are generally circular, hence the name crop CIRCLE!

COLLABORATION vs CONTROL – The Powers that be have managed to maintain domination of the world by the method of DIVIDE and CONQUER. I am fully aware that the only way for us to ever have a chance of overcoming the Powers that be, is in uniting on our common ground, being the pursuit of a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world.  However being united under controlling and corrupt media coalitions does not pave a pathway for real positive growth or change.  In fact, many cults have been formed on the basis of “coming together to collaborate” on a project / agenda / aim / ideal, with the end result being about control rather than being about collaboration.

Creating a structure for mutually beneficial collaboration is not an easy task, especially in a world which propagates parasitic commercial structures, benefiting only a few, whilst the masses suffer whilst creating the empire they empower with their energy.  However we need to look outside our current confines and constructs, and create new operational parameters that benefit all parties that may collaborate in any project.  Inserting old paradigm laws and structures into new paradigm media and thinking, is simply creating a time bomb of disaster, which ultimately will lead us right back to the very place we do not want to be.

The extended team who work together to make up Conscious Consumer Network has been a hard won treasure to create and coordinate.  Over the last two years, we have developed an internal working structure that is fair to all parties involved.  As a result, CCN has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, being the home of some of the very best researchers, and cutting edge humanitarian projects.  At no point will CCN’s producers be jeopardizing the intellectual property of any broadcasters and contributors, by collaborating with any organization that is not working with a solid infrastructure and legal framework.  CCN will only collaborate with organisations and projects that operate from an ethical, accountable and transparent space.

ENERGETIC VAMPIRISM / BRAND VAMPIRISM – We have worked too hard to have our work vampired off by any other organization, and as much as we enjoy collaborating with many people, as collaboration is the key to the success of CCN, we need to be discerning about what we get ourselves involved with.  All too often we have backed the wrong people, projects and organisations, many of which have now crumbled, but  after trying drag us down with them into their solipsistic pit of misery… But we are still here, because CCN is built on strong foundations.

I know the founders of CMC are going to accuse me of having a separatist attitude, and of being difficult or confrontational, possibly throw some insults my way, as a way to distract or counter the many strong and valid concerns I have raised, but as anybody who takes time to look at my project can see, it is not a matter of not wanting to collaborate, or being a bad person, as we collaborate very successfully on a daily basis with a number of very credible, inspiring people, and with a vast array of solution orientated projects.  The issue here is that I do not want to be controlled, or for the intellectual property of the media CCN produces to fall into the wrong hands…. And, I especially do not agree with with people who are less experienced and less knowledgable than I am, who have never made a documentary or written a book, to now be in a position where they get to decide what is fact and what is not with regards to my work and research.  They are simply not qualified or knowledgable enough to make those decisions without exploring the entirety of the body of work I have produced, including all documentaries, books and lecture presentations, not to mention having to travel half way across the world to and interview the hundreds of people that I have interviewed in my media career.  The entire premise of FACT CHECKING, and doing it with any accuracy or efficiency, is an impractical and unrealistic ideal, especially without a massive team and vast resources including six figure funding, not to mention the creation of an elect body to cross reference and manage updates and annotations to facts.  It has already been clearly exhibited by CMC founders that they are unable to make cohesive assessment of information, and act according to what the information is telling them, rather they get confused when they are presented with logic and fact, and try to then confuse others by copy and pasting legal mumbo jumbo that they don’t even understand themselves.  The bottom line is, entire legal foundation and operational structure of Conscious Media Coalition is completely unworkable and unfair for collaborators, and the founders are making it up as they go along, as they have absolutely no clue what they are doing.  But one thing is abundantly clear from what I have seen for myself in writing, as well as in the behaviour of the founders of CMC, the only parties who stand to benefit from this media coalition, are the founders.  My attempts to offer them an already built social media platform was thrown back in my face in a most ungracious way, which is what initially sparked off my instincts as to the motives of the people running the show.  Clearly, they want to be in control, and there is no room for anybody to actually offer genuine solutions that may lessen their control of the coalition.

I strongly advise against any independent media organisation getting taken in by regulatory umbrella organisations, as FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA needs to remain FREE & INDEPENDENT!  Uniqueness and individuality is the blueprint of creation.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


Conscious Consumer Network