Who are we ?


Andrea Sahadath is a former CA from KPMG in Toronto, Ontario who now leads Clearly Conscious with her partner in business and in life Bill Little.

Bill Little was a 30 year plus computer architect originally from British Columbia who began working with consciousness based technology about 10 years ago.

What does Clearly Conscious do?

We are an organization that partners with heart centered people, practitioners and organizations to deliver continual growth and evolution through the use of consciousness based tools and technologies.

What do we mean by the evolution of Consciousness?

Many believe consciousness in our world is about education – being more aware of things. In higher states of consciousness you understand, you see, you need not know anything. For in the knowing, is forming the reality around you; It is in the unknowing that you, the being of love, comes through.

It is only through letting go of the mind, the thinking, the concluding, the logic that you are able to raise your expectations, raise your view, raise your frequency.

Our desire is to work with Strategic Partners and Alliances of 100% integrity that are here to help shift the Consciousness of the Planet and help humanity move forward, getting out of our old patterns of fear and loss and into love, by sharing, educating and the selling/distribution of consciousness tools around the globe.

Specifically, we wish to work with Conscious Entrepreneurs who have developed Conscious Tools in getting them out into the world effectively, efficiently, seamlessly and financially effectively for all parties involved.

We are an organization that is dedicated to the Raising of Consciousness of individuals and organizations around the world.